Chapter 1

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The room was dark, full of sinister anticipation, the air heavy with a dangerous gloomy fog.

Three people were currently in the room, lit up by one dim window on a dull concrete wall.
One man was forced to his knees by two different women, holding him against his will, forcing him not to move and speak.
He gazed down at the ground, his fingers digging into the fabric of his pants. Heavy sweat dripped from his brow, his body trembling and shaking from whatever the first woman injected him with during their arrival.

He watched from the corners of his eye as the first woman began a small pace around him, the clicks her indigo heels ringing in his ears, followed by the ruffle sounds of her black murky cloak. He recalled her face as he was taken away from his family, a masked woman hidden behind the hood, the face of a crow with beady red eyes.

The second woman was farther from them both, leaning against a wall with gloved arms crossed. Her outfit was a complete opposite of the first woman's, a white turtleneck sleeveless top with a black harness, attached to a black belt around her waist containing the holster for her gun, a S.T.A.A.R.S beretta.
She wore a white trench-coat jacket containing a loose hood that hid her hair, her white pants matching perfectly with her white heel boots, it was difficult to tell the similarities between the two, only one resemblance that showed they were partners.

It was her mask that resembled the black crow woman.
It covered her face in the same manner as the black crow, polished and perfectly shaped into an extended beak at the bottom. Three points stuck out from the forehead, resembling feather shapes pointing towards the skies, peeking out of her hood. The eyes on this mask were a deep cerulean blue, as terrifying as the beady red ones.

The white crow masked woman seemed to be in control of the black crow, for she was the one that told her to inject him with a strange substance, the empty tube forgotten and shattered on the ground.

Now all they did was wait.

His arm lashed out towards the black crow woman, grabbing ahold of her forearm. His mouth opened on contact, letting out a rather terrified string of gurgled cries. His eyes began to dull out, wide with agony as a cloud of black mites began to cover his corneas, blinding his as soon as they reached towards the pupils.

In the back of your mind, you slightly hoped that Uroboros accepted his genetics, and let him live rather than kill him off.
Each person, each death, you had to face on Wesker's behalf. It made you sick to your stomach, yet you forced yourself to appear as if you didn't care.
You had to hold a false sense authority to those on the outside, while on the inside you struggled with your mental stability.

Jill yanked her arm away from his weakening grip, watching as his body fell forward, his other hand unable to support himself up right.

Jill Valentine.
The carrier of the t-virus antibodies. Another pawn in Wesker's game, controlled to do his bidding like I am. At least I don't have a mind controlling device like she does, still, I wish I could take it off her.

No one deserves this.

The man's body began convulsing from his chest, black little tentacles falling from inside his clothes, leaking a black slimy substance to the ground.

You got off the wall, finding Jill looking towards your direction immediately. You nodded you head once, instructing it was time to go.
Without looking back, the two of you walked out the door, the man's agonizing cries echoing right behind you.

You've seen what happens when Uroboros rejects its host, you really didn't want to see it happen again. The host's genome is being torn apart, bending to the will of the parasite, it was disgusting, but it's what Wesker wanted.

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