Chapter 4

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MayMay's POV:

When I woke up I heard knocking on my door and I just groaned and threw my pillow at the door, it really didn't help at all.

"Come in!" I said and I heard the door open but my head was still buried in my pillow and I felt my blanket get pulled off of me and it was so cold.

"Ate May get up! Are you gonna be like this everyday?! Gosh, wake up!" I heard Kisses say and I just groaned and sat up and opened my eyes and I saw Kisses and Marco and I just hit them both with my pillow

"Ate May!" Marco whined

"That's for waking me up during my beauty sleep" I said and I stood up and went to my bathroom and took a shower and did my routine and got dressed

"That's for waking me up during my beauty sleep" I said and I stood up and went to my bathroom and took a shower and did my routine and got dressed

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I blow dried my hair and brushed it and I was ready. I got out of the shower and Kisses and Marco were there sitting in my bed on their phones

"C'mon guys let's eat, I'll cook food for us. " I said

"No need Ate May, we ate before we went here" Marco said and I nodded my head and got my stuff and went down to get some cereal and then after that I washed the dishes and then got my stuff

"C'mom, let's go, I don't wanna be late" I said and they nodded their heads and we went out the door and got in Marco's car and he drove to school. When we got to school he parked the car and we went to our lockers and got our stuff that we need and went to our classroom. When we got to the classroom we went to our seats and Kisses was seated beside me and Marco was behind me. When our teacher finally came in he greeted us and we greeted him as well and then he started talking

"Ok class we have a new student joining our class, he came from Mr. Corcuera's class, come in Sir Barber" He said and everyone looked at the door, did he say Barber? No it can't be. When the door finally opened it revealed a guy and it was Edward, why the heck is he here? He walked beside Mr. Mata

"Okay class this is Edward Barber as some of you might know, and from now on he will be joining us, and Edward you can sit umm beside Miss Entrata, Miss Entrata please raise your hand so Edward can see you" Mr. Mata said and I was so shocked but I raised my hand anyway and then he saw me he smirked at me and started walking to me and I just rolled my eyes and brought my hand down and when he was finally beside me I just listened to what Mr. Mata was saying. Then I felt someone poke me and I saw that it was Edward and I just glared at him and continued listening to Mr. Mata

"Psstttt Snob" He whispered

"Can you please shut up? We might get caught" I whispered to him and he just raised his hands in sign of surrender

"Well you're grumpy, do you have your period?" He whispered and I just glared at him again

"Just please shut up, we'll talk later" I whispered and he smiled at me and I just shook my head and continued listening to Mr. Mata.

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