Chapter 4

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Lance's P.O.V.
I'm back at school again, sadly it's Monday so I'm tired and grumpy about even being here in the first place. Pidge and Hunk went up ahead to finish their project and Allura is off with Matt flirting so I'm all alone.

I walk into the classroom and freeze when I see Keith sitting at his desk scrolling though his phone. I blush again thinking of his complement yesterday and decide that I should go talk to him. I feel nervous walking up to him, my palms are sweaty and my heart is beating fast.

"Hey Keith." I say and he looks up at me

My blue eyes meet his greyish-blue ones. He looks shocked, maybe he thought I'd be too embarrassed after yesterday.

"I never realised you were in my class." I state

"I-I tend to blend into the background, and the classes are very big." He replies

It makes sense that I never really noticed him but I'm still shocked I never saw someone as cute as him. Usually I'm drawn straight away to good looking guys and girls. Pidge never pointed him out either, Pidge probably doesn't care that much and they weren't really friends anyway.

"Well I'm glad we're in the same class." I reply taking the seat beside him

"Umm about yesterday..." Keith says "I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

What does he mean... is he trying to tell me he doesn't like me and it was an accident to compliment me. Or am I just over thinking it? Why does my heart feel like it's constricting?

"It's fine, it didn't bother me or anything." I say laughing nervously "I was just shocked."

"That's ok then, I was just worried I embarrassed you." Keith says

"As if you could embarrass me mullet." I chuckle

"Again with my hair?" He grumbles

"Aww you're adorable when you're grumpy." I laugh and he turns to look at me

"Actually there is something I wanted to ask you." Keith states "It's kind of personal though."

"Sure ask away." I reply

"Are you an omega?" Keith asks, making me freeze

"Y-Yeah I am." I answer "How did you you know?"

"You smell sweeter than betas and alphas." Keith explains "Even sweeter than the other omegas I've come across."

"I'm a prime omega." I reply

"Why don't you tell anyone?" He asks

"Hey guys." A third voice says, joining the conversation

It's Hunk, my saviour.

"Hey Hunk, I need to go to the uhh... library." I say standing up and quickly walking out of the classroom

Keith's P.O.V.
I watch Lance leave feeling a little guilty, did I say something to make him want to leave? I think I just hurt an omega, a prime omega. I feel like a horrible person now, maybe I'm just overthinking everything.

"Hey Hunk, is there a reason Lance doesn't like talking about his secondary gender?" I question and Hunk turns to me

"That would explain why he left so quickly." Hunk says to himself "Yeah he doesn't like talking about it because he's worried a prime omega is all he'll become."

"Oh no, I need to apologise don't I?" I ask feeling worse

"Yeah, but Lance would forgive you. You didn't know." Hunk says and then turns his attention to one of the girls in our class "I'm going to go talk to Shay, make sure you apologise soon."

Hunk is so calming, he's kind of like Shiro in that way, he knows just what to say. Well I guess I should go find Lance to apologise. I get up out of my seat and begin to look though the hallways of our large school.

Shiro's P.O.V.
I'm walking to my class when I see Lance wandering the halls looking a little upset but mostly blushing. What happened to him? I should go check if he's ok.

I walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder. When his blue eyes meet mine it's like the world stops, it's exactly like when I saw Keith for the first time.

"Is every thing ok?" I ask

"Y-Yeah, I just kinda of ran out on Keith." He sighs "He asked me a question I didn't really want to answer so I just left. Pretty immature huh?"

"No, no it's not immature." I reassure him

"It's not even that private, he just asked why don't tell anyone I'm a prime omega." He says sand then slaps a hand over his mouth "I-I mean, I'm so sorry-"

"Lance it's ok, I understand." I say wrapping my arms around him in a hug "I'm a prime alpha."

"Y-You are?" He asks shocked, hugging me back

"Yes I am, I don't really spread it around because I don't want to be labeled." I explain

"Same here, I want to know people like me for me." Lance agrees

Lance and I are pretty similar, it's wasn't hard at all to find common ground. He is really pretty as well, what people say about omega's beauty is true. We pull apart from the hug and I look into his eyes again, he smiles.

"Lance!" We hear a voice call from down the hallway

We turn to see Keith, Lance looks nervous again but he doesn't make a move to get away. Keith stops right in front of us.

"I'm sorry for what I asked, I didn't realise it was too personal." Keith apologises to Lance

"It's fine, don't apologise." Lance replies "I was just being stupid."

"No you weren't, what I asked made it awkward and you uncomfortable." Keith says "So please just let me apologise."

"Ok, I accept your apology." Lance says smiling softly "I guess Hunk told you huh?"

"Yeah he did, I felt horrible when I thought I hurt you." Keith replies

"Well it's all behind us, now we really need to go to class." Lance says walking a few steps towards his and Keith's classroom

"You go up ahead, I want to talk to Shiro." Keith says

We watch as Lance takes a few steps and disappears around the corner, Keith turns to me and smiles sheepishly.

"Ok so maybe getting to know him didn't go so amazing." He nervously laughs

"Keith, you need to be more careful with what you say." I reply

"I know, but I just want to know everything." He sighs

"But we have to wait for him to tell us in his own time." I say "After all, if we want to make this work we need to be patient and respect each other's boundaries."

"You're right, now I'm going to class." Keith says and pulls me down to kiss me on the cheek "See you at lunch."

"Oh yeah one more thing, Matt wants us to come sit with him, Lance and the rest of the group." I say "So heads up about being careful around Lance."

Keith nods and follows in Lance's footsteps back to their class. The heart beating in my chest is finally going down, I think I have a complete crush on Lance, maybe even more but I can't be sure yet. All I know is that I really wouldn't mind if he joined our relationship.

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