chapter 15

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Tomorrow, before even going to your classroom, someone suddenly threw themselves on you. You completely expected it to be Alya, except it was not.


You were thinking that it has a high-pitched voice, but it turned out to be actually a lower, more boyish voice. You struggled to get off of him. "Adri-"

"Y/N!" Was he... crying?

"Adrien, wait, I-"

He squeezed you tighter. "Y/N, I'm so sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

You grunted, trying to pry yourself off of him. "Okay! Okay, I get it!" You pushed his arms away. "Now get off!"

Adrien stepped backwards, stopping to wipe his tears. You watched him, with an unamused face.

"Are you done?" You said.

Before he uttered another sentence, he extended his two arms towards you and stepped forward a bit. His fingers twitched, as if he was longing for your touch.

You looked at his eyes, one of your eyebrows raised. He responded with a hard pout. You sighed, feeling ridiculous. You don't know what to actually feel about this situation, but nonetheless, you accepted his offer.

The first thing you felt was warmth. The first thing you heard was his exhale of relief. His chest was radiating of warmness, and more warmness as he hugged you a bit tighter. You hugged back, feeling the beat of his heart just next to your ear.

"I missed you," he whispered.

You smiled a bit. "Me too." You felt wonderful. Your day was made, and your heart was calmed and contented. You smile even wider, accepting the fact that you have your best friend back, here in your arms again.

Eventually, the bell rang, and the two of you have to end the moment. You heard a couple of students murmuring down the hall.

You smiled at him one last time before entering the room, and going to your seat. You watched him took his assigned seat and setting down his shoulder bag. The silence of the room was soon filled with the students' chit-chats.

The class began once Ms. Bustier stepped inside.


The whole day, you were in a good mood. Nothing seemed to have went wrong, just pure joy. You are confident that nothing, nor no one will dampen this feeling.

You saw the skies clearing up as the sun seeped through the disappearing clouds. You kept all of your things inside your bag and with a little bit of anxiety, walked outside the classroom.

You saw Alya with her boyfriend, hand in hand. You reached her shoulder before she turned around. "Hey, Alya."

"Hey, girl!" your best friend replied. "How's it going with Adrien?"

You grinned. "It went well, actually. Thanks for telling him everything."

"Don't mention it." Alya laughed, making Nino smile. Alya's smile suddenly widened, her eyes trailing off behind you. "Here comes lover boy~"

You turned around and saw Adrien, walking towards the three of you, with his smile. You laughed, pink slightly etched in your cheeks. "Shut up!"

Adrien waved. "Hey, guys." He looked at you. "Hey, Y/N, wanna hitch a ride with me?"

You didn't hesitate. "Sure!" You then turned towards your other two friends. "See you tomorrow?"

They both agreed, but with two different responses. The four of you headed to your own way. Adrien raced you to the bottom of the stairs and to the car, where he had opened the door for you. "My lady." He bowed.

You snickered, going inside, Adrien in tow. The gorilla grumbled under his breath and locked all doors. He stomped the gas pedal and started to drive. You and Adrien smiled at each other. lt was a peaceful ride.

Eventually, the car reached your house so you had to say goodbye to him. "Good bye," you told him, squeezing his hands as you pursed your lips.

"Bye." He smiled back, holding your hand in return. "See you tomorrow."

You only nod in reply, now completely out of the car. The door closes and began to leave. You waved from the entrance of your home. After you saw that it was gone, you entered the house and felt the atmosphere that was cool, warm, and lonely.

end of chapter fifteen


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