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Hey guys, so I made a prompt list as I am bored. Send in a character and a number and it shall become a one shot. c:

1. "My hair is better than yours."

2. "Kiss my arse."

3. "If you say that again I am going to stab you with a rusty knife."

4. "All I need is a kitten and a big glass of lemon ice tea."

5. "Brain over brawn? But they have neither."

6. "I'm a lone wolf."

7. "Did you just kiss me?"

8. "Your eyes are as beautiful as Enchanted Eden, your hair as perfect as Roasted Coffee and your lips as bright as Raspberry Bellini." "Someone has clearly been looking at the dulex colour chart."

9. "Well you seem busy."

10. "Weird is an understatement."

11. "She is a little crazy. And by little, I mean a lot and by crazy, I mean psychotic."

12. "Please be quiet, I can't even hear myself losing the will to live."

13. "Take another step, and I can't be held responsible for my actions."

14. "I would call you an imbecile but that'd be cruel as you wouldn't be able to spell it."

15. "You interrupt my reading once more, and this book will become a lethal weapon."

16. "Say that again."

17. "Wait, you love me? Like you love me like how Garfield loves Lasagne or how Thomas O'Malley loves Duchess?"

18. "If being clumsy was a currency, I'd be a bloody billionaire."

19. "Kiss me you twat."

20. "Your heart is as cold as my dorm room, and I can't feel my toes in that room, so it's bloody cold."

21. "If you wanted a sign you should have said, and I would have punched you in the face."

22. "What cruel irony it is to lose your glasses."

23. "You aren't a drama queen, you are a bloody drama emperor."

24. "If they marked you on being wrong you'd be at the top of the class."

25. "Have you got something to tell me?"

26. "Well aren't you a hero?"

27. "If I were a Disney princess I would be Kuzco, as I'm fabulous and I may not be a princess but I deserve a crown."

28. "Don't you think we look alike?" "No. Not at all."

29. "It's best to not mention what happened last summer."

30. "I wouldn't say this is the happiest moment of my life. Once I found £10 in my coat pocket and it was amazing."

31. "The day you make me laugh is the day the dolphins start walking on land."

32. "Come on dude! Why the hell did you shoot me?"

33. "That better be an apology pizza I smell, not just some stupid normal pizza."

34. "I feel more inclined to take a bit out of my own flesh that eat that."

35. "Stop stealing my clothes."

36. "We all have secrets."

37. "I don't need to be protected."

38. "So how many weapons do you have?"

39. "A nail clipper isn't a conventional weapon but believe me you'll be crying for your mother when I'm done with you."

40. "Did you paint the cat?"

41. "Well you are beautiful, just not as beautiful as me."

42. "Malteasers are satanic bunny poop."

43. "Stop being dramatic, it's only a tiny cut."

44. "I'm not short, I'm adorable."

45. "Can we just cuddle and pretend we have nothing to do?"

46. "Sometimes I wish you were dead."

47. "How the hell did the sand get there?"

48. "I'm tired, so don't make me angry."

49. "Does it hurt?"

50. "I just love cats so much."

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