Chapter 13

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{Lucifer's POV}

"Well?" I raised an eyebrow at Adam and Eve who were surprisingly quiet. I would think that they would be boasting about the chaos that they caused.

"Ummm, well, you see. . ." Eve fumbled with her words while twiddling her fingers.

"We. . .didn't get a chance to attack. . ." Adam finished, rubbing the back of his head.




They never fail. Ever.

"What happened?" I growled lowly, gripping the armrest of my throne causing it to crack.

"Sombra. That's all I need to say." Adam answered quickly.

I blinked at them. "What?"

"She destroyed the army that we sent, we saw it with our own eyes. She just went into a rampage and tore them apart." Eve whispered as she trembled. "I've never saw anyone so powerful, out of control, and violent. I'm more scared of her than you to be honest. Nooffense."

I laughed. It was the hardest laugh I had in years. Adam and Eve looked extremely shocked at my reaction. A large smile made it's way onto my face.

"She's defiantly my niece."

{Xavier's POV}

"Why am I here?" I questioned, leaning up against a tree. Sebastian lead me to a small clearing in the forest where Terrance and my "mate" Sombra was currently talking to each other with smiles on their faces.

Sombra had her beautiful silver hair in a ponytail with a bang covering her right eye. She wore black pants and a black crop top with black Adidas. A joyful laugh escaped her lips at whatever Terrance said. A small smile made it's way onto my face.

She has an adorable laugh.

I mentally frowned.

Why the hell am I thinking these things. She's an ugly attention seeking whore.

"Hey, did you hear a word I said?"

I snapped out of my trance and looked at Sebastian who looked slightly annoyed.

"I'm sorry, what did you say again?"

"I said that Terrance is your strongest pack member that I've seen and I wanted you to watch him fight Sombra to see if you want him to take Blaze's place as Beta."

I hummed in understanding and looked at them once more, pushing my self off the tree. "Ok." Even though I doubt that him going up against that weakling will prove anything.

Sebastian whistled and clapped his hands gaining their attention.

"Alright, you two already know what to do so let's start ok? And remember, no hard feels if anything happens."

Sombra nodded in understanding while Terrance mumbled an ok. I noticed a bit of suspicion in his eyes. They stepped back until there was a good few yards between them.

"Oh and Sombra?"


"Go easy on Terrance, use 1% of your power."

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