Caitlin Snow- Car Accident (c)

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Your head pounded and every muscle ached.

Since you were little you had hated hospitals and being in one now wasn't favourable. You had been in a car accident and no one was severely injured but you had broken a few ribs and everything was still quite sore.

Although technically you didn't need to be in the hospital they wanted to keep an eye on you, and even though you would prefer to go home, it was for the best for you to stay here.

The nurse who had last checked up on you explained she had phoned your fiancé, and that she was on her way to come and sit with you.

It took about half an hour more of waiting before your fiancé opened the doors to your room, rushing to your bedside.

"Y/N?" she gasped, "You are okay."

Her voice sounded shaky, and overall you could only describe her as slightly frazzled.

"Yeah I'm okay. A bit sore but you should see my car, I can hardly say that it is in such a good state," you smiled softly.

She wrapped her arms around you, causing you to let out a squeak due to the pain that surged through you.

Caitlin didn't mean to hurt you, but how was she to know that even the slightly breeze felt like you were being hit by a truck.

"I am so sorry," she gasped taking a step away from you.

"It's fine Cait. I hurt but I'll be okay. Can you come closer, I can't kiss you if you are over there," you smiled weakly.

She let out a sigh of relief knowing she hadn't caused you any actual harm. She took a step back towards your bedside, leaning down so she could press her lips to yours softly. Her hand reached up to rest on your cheek.

All of her movements were gentle, preventing any chance of her causing you anymore pain than you were already in. Your arm reached up resting on the back of her head, to pull her lips down to kiss you firmly.

She pulled away, her smile growing.

"I am so glad you are okay. When they phoned me they just told me you had been in an accident but didn't tell me what had happened," she whispered.

"It was just an accident. A couple of broken ribs and a good amount of bruising but other than that, I'm fine. I'll heal. And with you by my side refusing to let me do anything stupid, I'll be back to normal in no time."

She smiled, "I love you."


Written by Charlotte.

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