Diana Prince- Sleepless Nights (c)

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Late nights had become a normal occurrence in your life recently. Actually, sleepless nights was probably a more accurate way to describe it. Yourself and your wife Diana had become used to getting little to no sleep since your daughter entered your lives. You had adopted her from birth and it had been a painful few weeks, but it was also the best few weeks of your life. The two of you had both wanted to be mothers for a long time and even if you had to sacrifice sleep it made you happy to have your little girl now. Since she had entered your lives it had brought the two of you together more than you had ever been, and your lives felt perfect now.

Y/D/N had been up most of the night not wanting to settle into sleep. She would drift off for a moment but before the two of you could exit the room she would begin to cry once again. By the time midnight had rolled around the two of you were still trying to get her to sleep. A few hours after the fact, she had drifted into slumber, allowing you to take the baby monitor downstairs where the two of you went to the kitchen. As you had been trying to settle her for so long you had missed dinner and due to it being the early hours of the morning neither of you wanted to cook nor were you awake enough to handle the oven in a safe manner.

"Is there anything to eat?" You sighed taking a seat at the kitchen island.

Diana went over to the fridge and opened it.

"We need to go shopping," she stated. "There isn't much of anything in here."

She picked up a few things, putting them back before she pulled out a foil container. Closing the fridge, she grabbed two forks from the drawer, sitting down next to you. Diana put the foil container in front of the two of you revealing the half-eaten apple pie from the fridge as she handed you a fork.

"This is the best we've got," She shrugged letting out a yawn.

"Hopefully she'll sleep through until morning, I'm knackered," you stated eating a mouthful of pie.

"It'll get easier with time. As she gets older she'll sleep better," Diana smiled. "I'm glad to have her even if it means no sleep."

You nodded your head, as she moved her hand to yours so that you were holding hands on top of the island, assuring you that you were going through this together.


Written by Charlotte.

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