Diana Prince- History (a)

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You, Diana Prince, Barry Allen and Victor Stone sat around Diana's flat doing... nothing. Victor sat playing on the playstation, Diana just lay on the sofa and Barry read a textbook that he found on Diana's shelf. You thought joining the Justice League would entail day in and day out of fighting the likes of Gorilla Grod, Braniac and Lex Luthor throughout the streets of Metropolis but instead you had just got off the phone with the pizza delivery that sat around the corner.

"Man... this kinda makes me wish we hadn't locked up all the bad guys... I'm bored out of my brain." Victor threw the controller down in defeat and leant back in the chair.

"Do you want to go and release Solomon Grundy from Arkham? He always gives us a good fight, should be good for an hour or two?" Barry joked.

"I know you aren't serious, but boy if I am not tempted." Diana responded, twirling her hair in between her fingers as she lay with her legs dangling over the edge of the sofa, with her hair propped up against Victor. Barry's eyes scanned through the pages of the textbook.

"Why do you even have this anymore? Why do you have this at all?" He asked Diana. "It isn't like you've ever been to school."

"There is a few things in there that remind me of my own time in the war. A few pictures of some old squad mates. Most of the stuff in there is rubbish anyway." Barry sighed deeply.

"Oh yeah, I forget that you are like a million years old. Just a few hundred."

After that sentence a long silence entered the room, only broken every few minutes by a flick of Barry's book.

"Here's a fun fact for you all..." The whole room seemed to groan in unison. "Did you know that Dwight Eisenhower had no teeth on the bottom row? He kept fake teeth in his pocket that he would slip in whenever a photo was taken?" Diana looked at Barry in disgust.

"That is bullshit... you made that up."

"No... it says so right here. Look!" Barry stood up and practically rammed the book in Diana's face. "See, it says it in this paragraph here."

"That isn't true Barry, don't believe everything you read." Barry pulled his phone from his pocket and a few taps later he pulled up multiple articles that repeated the information. "See, I told you. Even Wikipedia says that it's true."

"OH!" Both parties were not standing. "Wikipedia says it's true, so it must be right?"

"What makes you such an expert of history huh? I don't see your degree anywhere."

"We were just talking about this Barry, I was fucking there!" Barry sat back down, slammed the textbook shut and sat with his head in his folded arms.

"Are you going to apologise now?" Diana asked, looming over him, just as he answered the bell of the apartment rang.

"Yes Diana, I am sorry and I submit to your ultimate wisdom." She chuckled to herself.

"Good boy, now up you get, go and pay the pizza guy."


Written by Aaron.

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