Diana Prince- Better (c)

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Every work day seemed the same. You started at nine, and paperwork consumed your life until five in the evening with only an hour break to separate the dull repetition of organising paper to send to other offices to continue the boring afterlife of a tree. It was a rare occasion a smile could appear on your face during your work day other than when you noticed the clock was nearly showing it was time to leave. You could move faster to make your way to your car to go home.

As you opened your front door you were glad to be free of the work day that you would have to experience again tomorrow- although you liked to ignore that fact. The annoyance of your day and distaste for your colleagues still clung to you as you tried to embrace the freedom that came with being home. Your girlfriend was home, as you could hear the television along with the fact that she had a less infuriating job than you, so had the day off.

Walking into the living room, you saw Diana sat on the sofa watching something on TV.

"Hi," you said quietly trying not to reveal your annoyance in your voice.

"Hello Love," she smiled up at you. "How was work?"

You couldn't even dignify a response to her, simply you released a grunt hoping the office building would burn down so you didn't have to return.

Diana stood up with a sympathetic smile. She wrapped her arms around you, rubbing your back gently with her hand.

"That bad?" She asked. You nodded as a response. "Come on, I'll attempt to make everything seem better."

She pulled away still giving you a smile as though to reassure you that being home was far more enjoyable than being at your workplace.

"Sit down Y/N, I'll be back in a moment."

Diana left the room in a rush as you listened to her and sat down on the sofa.

She re-entered the room with the large fleecy blanket from your shared bed in her arms. She dropped it onto the seat next to you before focusing on you. Your shoes were quickly pulled off your feet along with your jacket so that you would be comfier. Diana took the seat beside you, throwing the blanket over the both of you so that she could hold you close to comfort you.

"Better?" She smiled, pressing her lips to your cheek, then resting her head onto your shoulder.

A small smile slithered onto your face. "Better."


Written by Charlotte.

Tumblr Request.

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