Chato 'El Diablo' Santana- Change (h)

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As you were growing up, you were taught that criminals weren't to be messed with. Those who were put away were put away for a reason, and did not deserve to get out.

It was a messed-up way of thinking but you became a guard at the Belle Reve Penitentiary – that place where they kept the Joker's infamous girlfriend, the guy with the sharpest shot, the dude that could set himself on fire, the crazy crocodile one and the Australian one that didn't know how to shut up.

When you first started your job, you would never have expected to grow so close to El Diablo.

He was not a bad person. He may have done some bad things, but the worst one was not on purpose despite him blaming himself for that every single day that passed.

He could be a genuine man and someone who, despite not having a good reputation, could be extremely caring.

You knew full well that if your superiors found out, you could get in such bad trouble but you would have a way of talking them round.

Like most days, you were sat outside of El Diablo's tube whilst he stayed inside.

"Are you ever going to come out of there?"

He sighed and looked up at you. "It is safer for everyone in my life if I stay in here."

"How do you know that?"

"You know what I did."

"You could change."

He shook his head, clasping his fingers together. "No criminal can ever change. It is not in our nature."

"Every person in this world is capable of change."

"Not a criminal."

"A criminal is still a person."

"A person who is frowned upon, a person who is the scum of society, a person who is no longer cared about," he explained to you.

You looked straight at him as you shook your head. "Not everyone will think the same thing. I don't think that."

El Diablo chuckled lowly, a rarity for him. "You are a rarity my dear Y/N. You see us as people who deserve a second chance."

"Because you do!"

"No, we do not. We are all here for reasons of our own, whether we meant them or not."

You shook your head again, refusing to accept that he could not redeem himself.

"I put myself in this place, I did not have to get brought in. I willingly came here because I am a danger to the people outside of here."

"Then why allow me to sit here?"

He shrugged his shoulders, sighing to himself. "You do not make me want to burst into flames."

"Flames aren't a bad thing Diablo."

He scoffed. "Flames are what burnt my wife and children. The flames from my hands! Do not tell me that they are not a bad thing."

You sensed that he was reaching his limit, so you stood from your spot and made your way to the door. "Diablo, my opinions are not going to change overnight," you stated as you reached the door. "And whilst you continue to stay in that tube of yours, I will try to get you to see my way."


Written by Hannah.

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