Barry Allen- Idiot (c)

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Barry had decided to make, the two of you, dinner for your two-year anniversary. He wasn't an amazing cook, and you didn't expect too much but he had surpassed your expectations. The dining table was coated in a pale table cloth, hemmed with lace with golden place mats adorning it. Next to the two place mats was a matching coaster, with a champagne glass daintily placed on it, with silverware lying in front of it. In the middle of the table was a golden candlestick holder, with a pale burning candle placed inside of it.

The lights of the room were low as Barry walked into the room holding two plates of food, a nervous smile on his face.

"Hello," he smiled warmly putting the two plates onto the place mats.

"This looks lovely," you grinned, looking down at the food, frankly surprised by how lovely it looked and the amazing smell that emanated from it.

"Not as lovely as you."

Barry walked around the table, giving your cheek a gentle kiss, pulling out your chair so that you could sit down and he could push the chair in. He moved his way around so that he could sit down opposite you.

The two of you spoke about the food as you ate, along with general chitchat about work and life. You loved spending time with Barry, since he had been your boyfriend you had been happier than you deemed possible. Even just eating a meal and talking with him was perfect for the two of you.

Once you had finished the food and the plates were practically licked clean, Barry took them back into the kitchen, bringing you both a bowl of dessert. He sat back down but he only used his spoon to brush around the food in the bowl. You stopped eating, to give him a concerned look.

"Are you okay?" You questioned, slightly worried about him.

"Yeah... yeah," he said, moving the food around in the bowl with his spoon.

"Are you sure?"

He looked down, before his spoon made a loud clank onto the bowl. Barry moved to his feet, looking pale and clammy, making you worry a lot.

"I... I love you Y/N," he whispered, trying to clear his throat so that he could speak clearer. "You make me so happy, and I don't know why you stuck around but well... I am happy that you have. I hope that we can spend an eternity together and never have to be apart. So, what I am trying to say is, I love you and I would like to ask you to be my wife?"

You grin uncontrollably, having hoped for this day for such a long time.

"Of course," you smiled jumping up kissing him passionately.

As you pulled away, you noticed Barry's goofy grin.

"Thank heavens," he sighed.

You raised an eyebrow slightly confused.


"Oh... sorry," he chuckled awkwardly. "I... I was so nervous that you would say no."

"You're such an idiot," you laughed. "I love you Barry, so much."

"I love you too. And I may be an idiot but I'm your idiot."


Written by Charlotte.

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