Harley Quinn- Love (c)

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Everyone thought you were crazy. But the thing was that love was crazy, it didn't obey by the worlds logic, you followed your heart which regularly contradicted your head. Love was love and you couldn't argue that point even if other people didn't understand why your heart wanted what it did.

Many years ago, you had worked alongside Harleen Quinzel and fallen in love with her. She was intelligent, kind hearted and beautiful, everything you could have ever wanted, and as far as you knew she had felt the same about you. It was a love story for the ages, but it soon fell into the darkness that your lives succumbed too.

She soon became known as Harley, taken by one of her patients and drawn into insanity. Even though she was known now by Harley Quinn and considered equally as insane as the patient she had been corrupted by you couldn't help but still love her, with the hopes that one day you would get your Harleen back.

You didn't know why but she had come back to you, back but not the same as she had been before. Even though she wasn't quite the woman you had fallen for your heart still longed for her.

Spending time together, your heart just wished for her more, but you didn't know if she felt the same.

You couldn't help but smile at the beautiful woman before you even though her face was covered in a layer of pale makeup. She was sat next to you leaning close as she talked about one of the adventures she had been on. You didn't know what overcame you but words slipped from your lips without registering in your head.

"Can I kiss you?" The words seemed almost foreign coming from your lips.

Her almost cartoonish grin appeared on her face at your question. "Course you can puddin', why couldn't ya?"

Reality hit you and you pulled back slightly realising it probably wasn't the best of times to kiss her. It was stupid to think your relationship could be real, it could be as happy as you had always wanted it to be. You doubted that could ever be, but you could hope nevertheless.

Her eyebrow cocked upwards, seeing your hesitation over the situation. Her grin widened as she leaned for pushing her lips to yours passionately.

As she pulled away, it took a moment for your brain to function properly, although it didn't work quick enough for words not to escape again.

"I love you Harley," you whispered.

"Back at ya."

Once more your lips connected.


Written by Charlotte

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