Jerome Valeska- Douche (h)

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You were used to people being idiots, saying the wrong things, and just generally not being the greatest people in the world.

It wasn't as if it got to you, you usually managed to keep it bottled up and not have it impact your day to day functioning.

That was, until, one of your closest friends started being a complete and utter jerk to you.

He had been in your life for such a long time and yet he had never acted like that towards you.

You couldn't quite understand why he was acting so, but you weren't ready to tell your boyfriend that it was happening.

Your boyfriend was protective to say the least – he couldn't stand it if someone so as looked at you the wrong way, let alone started having a go at you for no given reason.

You couldn't quite remember when you got to sleep the previous night.

All you could recall was that you had a rather irritating text from the said friend, and then cried a little.

When you woke up, Jerome was looking down at you with worry across his face.

"What's wrong?" you questioned, as you sat up.

He sighed, "Why were you crying last night?" he answered your question with one of his own.

Still half asleep, you rested your head on his shoulder, "I got a shitty text- one of many these past few months," you explained whilst yawning.

Jerome wrapped his arm around you "From Y/F/N?"

You looked up at him in confusion, "How did you know?" you quizzed him "He hasn't seemed off to anyone else."

"You started ranting about him last night. Just before you fell asleep."

You groaned and let your head fall into your hands "Okay. Let's not blame my sleepiness here."

He rolled his eyes "I'm not blaming you Baby," he spoke in a soft tone, "I'm blaming that douche."

You shrugged "It's nothing I can't handle Jerome," you told him gently.

Sighing again, he pulled you into his arms, "You don't need to handle it yourself," he reassured you.

Once you were settled in his arms, you looked up at him "I'm not dragging you into this."

"It wouldn't be dragging me into anything Baby," he protested, "I just want to take care of you."

You cuddled up to him, "Gosh you're too sweet," you murmured into his chest "But once again, I am not allowing you to be involved in this," you commented.

He kissed the top of your head gently "I want to be involved," he breathed out "I want to be able to manage to comfort you as well as teach Y/F/N a lesson."

You shook your head firmly "You are not going and beating him up," you stated as you somewhat glared at him "I may love you Jerome but I won't allow you to beat up my friend."

"But he's being a douche!"


Written by Hannah.

Tumblr Request.

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