Leonard Snart- Ring (c)

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Leonard and yourself had been together for nearly three years and it was the happiest years of your life. He may not have been the most conventional of guys, and your relationship was far from perfect nor normal, seen as he had made his name as a criminal and to some the villain to the new heroes running around. Although you far from condoned his behaviours he had become better with the lack of contact of his criminal partner, giving you an opportunity to try and help him pick a better path.

Granted you were almost certain he hadn't completely given up his criminal ways, he had improved which was better than nothing. Even if he hadn't had the best of pasts, you were happier than you ever imagined especially today.

You knew one day it would come, but you didn't think it would be today, you weren't prepared.

He had been overly nice for the day, not that he wasn't nice, but he had done everything possible to make the day amazing. The two of you had spent to day at the park nearby that you loved and it made you beyond happy, and even happier when you saw him go down onto one knee.

The whole thing was romantic and took you by surprise as he held onto your hand smiling up at you.

His words of love and care were beautiful but the shock and happiness you felt forced you to focus on him, unable to take in the words too much. As his words silenced, he pulled a small box out of his pocket, opening it to reveal a beautiful, and frankly expensive, ring.

You gasped, clasping a hand over your mouth.

"Will you marry me?" He smiled lovingly.

It took you a moment to wrap your head around everything and look at the ring that was before you.

"Oh my God," you whispered. "You didn't steal that, did you?"

His face instantly dropped, turning his head slightly with a raised eyebrow.

"You ruined the moment," he sighed. "I tried so hard to make this romantic and you go and say that."

You couldn't help but laugh as you leaned down to cup his cheeks with your hands and kiss him.

"I'm joking," you chuckled. "Of course, I want to marry you."

He let out a deep breath standing up to pull you into a tight embrace, pressing a gentle kiss to your temple.

"You scared me there," he laughed.

"Sorry. But in all honesty, you didn't steal the ring, did you?"

Leonard shook his head. "I didn't steal the ring. Would have been easier if I did though."


Written by Charlotte.

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