Bruce Wayne- You're Batman?: Part 2 (c)

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He grumbled handing over his keys, before leading you to the car.

You got in the driver's seat whilst he got in the passenger seat, removing the mask from the wound putting it in his lap.

"Hey, do you want to die?" you hissed, "hold the damn mask to your head or I'll have to drive one handed so I can hold there myself."

He frowned putting the fabric back onto the gash on his head.

"Good. Still at Wayne Manor?"


"Okay, I'm going to drive you home and then I'm going to sort out your head properly, I presume you have first aid kit," you frowned starting up the car.

You had seen Bruce's car before, and you had slightly fallen in love with it, so it was a pleasure to be driving it.

The drive wasn't that long before he told you to just pull up outside and he'd sort it out in the morning.

You helped him stumble into the house before leading him to the living room leaving him on the sofa whilst you went to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit.

It felt weird being in Wayne manor again. You had been there before you practically grew up in it, but recently you hadn't been there seen as you and Bruce had grown apart in recent years.

Once you had the first aid kit you carried it back to Bruce.

For the first time you were able to actually see the cut on his head. It wasn't deep and it would probably heal fairly quickly, but it could also come with head traumas that you couldn't see.

You sat down on the arm of the chair with your feet pressed against the seat.

He looked at you quizzically.

"Put your head in my lap."

He frowned.

"Don't make it weird, it's just easier to see the cut this way."

He shuffled over so he was kind of lying on the sofa with his head sideways on your legs, so you had access to the cut.

You got some of the antiseptic and put it onto a piece of cotton wool. You leaned over him slightly to have a closer look.

"This is going to sting a bit," you said softly.

Lightly you dabbed the cotton wool onto his head getting an instant reaction. He flinched, throwing his head up towards yours colliding his head with your chin. The sudden blow shocked you knocking you backward off of the chair. Your back hit the floor, leaving your legs still thrown over the arm of the chair.

"Are you alright Y/N?" Bruce asked.

"Just peachy," you groaned.

You laid still, until you saw Bruce lean over the chair to grab hold of your hands and pull you up so you were sat on the sofa once again.

"You're bleeding," he stated.

You touched your chin and looked at your hand to see blood on it.

"I'll live, let me sort out your head then I'll sort out my chin. Just don't head-butt me this time," you sighed grabbing the cotton wool and wiping his cut with it again, but making sure he was at arm's length.

Once you had done so, and were prepared to hit him after all of his whining you got one of the rolls of cotton wool and folded it over a couple of times putting it on his head and securing it with a bandage, seen as tape wouldn't work due to his brown locks getting in the way.

"Clean it in the morning, if it hasn't started to heal then you'll have to go to the hospital to get stitches, but it should be okay, it's not too deep," you explained.

"Thank you," he whispered, "let me sort out your chin, I'm sorry about that."

You smiled sitting back and handing him the first aid kit.

He did as you had putting antiseptic onto the cotton wool before lightly pressing it to your chin. You flinched, causing him to laugh softly. He used his over hand to rest against your cheek, to keep your head still before focusing back on your chin.

Once he had cleaned it he pulled out a plaster and stuck it over the small cut, slightly brushing over your lip doing so. As he touched it his eyes rested on yours. His finger once again ran over your lip but this time purposely. He gave you a soft questioning look, before he moved his hands to rest on your cheeks before leaning in and kissing you.


Written by Charlotte.

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