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Shes there in the crowed the sparkle in her eyes give me  butterflies. I need to find her name , who she is ,where shes from but how- i dont want to seem like a stalker. I kept admiring at her throughout the whole show.

Her beautiful "your hair colour" hair, that falls just above her shoulders. as the show went on. She danced she cried and all i wanted to do was hug her. I ran of staged- i cleaned up all the sweat and ran to go find her.

I stood at the side of the copboard- so i wouldnt get noticed but i could see. I stood waiting. For her, i saw her and quicly grabbed her hand. She. Turned to me and made intense eye staring at me.


Omg!!!!!! Shawn mendes was staring at me he is soo freaking, what am i on about there was thousands of girls in that areana he could have any he was probly staring at someone behind me next to me or in front of me. After the show i had lost "your best freinds name" my best freind, i decided i eill meet her at the car-so i text her to tell her.

On my way out i was grabbed and when i turned round to see who it was it was no other than the one and only shawn mendes 'umhh heyy' he smirked

3rd person.piv 5~years later

After many years of arguing and love y/n and shawn had 4 beautiful kid 2 twins girls  and and 2 boys. They got married and watched there. Kids grow old have kids themselves , shawn even cried that his kids are growing up to soon. Soo this is the end for y/n and shawn and they lived happily ever after
So sorry i havent been able to update this on is not as good as the others but it will do i will try do a really good one soon i am really sorry ly all xx n❤💚💜💙💛💙💜❤

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