Clark Kent- Kiss (c)

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Everything happened so fast. One moment you were walking down a dimly lit street, the next thing you knew, a man was pulling at your handbag holding a knife towards you, and equally as quickly the man was unconscious on the floor. You hadn't hit the man, you had been trying to defend yourself to no avail, but another man arrived on the street and knocked your attacker unconscious.

You were shaken up and your breathing was uneasy, as your erratic heart rate slowly began to settle.

"Ma'am are you okay?" the man asked.

You looked at your saviour. It was superman. You had never personally met him before, but he was very well known across the city even if very few people had actually seen him in real life, most of you had only seen him on the TV screen.

Although you had seen him on television, he looked so much different in real life. Not really different but familiar. The familiarity was of one of your colleagues, it was rather uncanny how much they looked alike.

"Clark?" You whispered.

His expression faltered. He clenched his jaw slightly and his eyes widened a bit.

"Pardon?" he asked sounding rather taken aback.

"Clark Kent," you sighed, "you're Superman. How did I never realise I had been working with superman?"

"Please don't tell anyone Y/N," he whispered.

"I won't."

You couldn't believe it. Clark Kent had always been quiet and generally went amiss at work, well you noticed him. Ever since he started working with you he seemed very nice and you did feel romantically inclined towards him.

"Thank you," he sighed, "but are you okay?"

You nodded softly stepping towards him, "how can I repay you?"

"There's no need to repay me Y/N, I'm doing my job," he smiled softly.

You shook your head laughing lightly. It was now or never, you were going to chicken out and you'd never make a move, and Clark didn't seem like a guy that would make the first move at a time like this.

Taking a deep breath, you took a step forward closing the space between you, letting your lips connect to his.


Written by Charlotte.

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