Part: 3

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(I tried editing this too:( I think I'm losing brain cells reading this unedited version.)


"No not by blood at least." I said awkwardly not really knowing how to respond. "So your stepsisters?" He asked awkwardly. "Nah she's my best friend, who just so happens to live with me." I said not bringing up that my parents died. "I have to go now, bye!" I said closing the window. I heard him say a bye before I left the room.


I walked down the stairs for dinner and my clumsy ass of course stumbled down the last step. "Auch, that hurt." I said holding on my knee lying on the ground on my back. "Are you okay Skylar?" Tom asked laughing so hard that he got tears in his eyes. " Rose! Your boyfriend is being mean to me!" I yelled trying to get her attention. "Tom stop it!" She yelled and smacked the back of his back head. "Stop abusing me woman!" He yelled frustrated. I quickly bitch slapped him and began running to the kitchen laughing with my evil laughter. 

 "Where is the food?!" I yelled to Rose because it wasn't in the kitchen. "It's in the living room." She yelled to me, I ran for my dear life to the living room. "Rose! Tom! whatever you do, do not come to the living room!" I said  while eating already because I wanted all the pizza for myself. 

"I see someone's got a appetite." Tom said without thinking about me going to hurt him. "You know I can easily kill you right?" I asked threateningly. "Yes, but you wouldn't.... right?" He asked nervously. "Maybe?..... maybe not" I said making him anxious. "Rose can I just get to shoot Tom in the leg pretty please?" I said while looking at her with puppy eyes, because I didn't want to hurt him without her consent. "No but you can punch him, he has been annoying lately." She said and I wouldn't take this opportunity go to waste. 

"Ouuuch!!" He yelled holding his arm where I punched him. "Rose! Why do you let her do this against me?!" He said fake hurt because I didn't really punch him that hard. "Well, you should have known better than making fun of my eating!" I said with pizza in my mouth. "Well you should learn how to not eat like a pig!" He said trying to defend himself. Rose looked at him annoyed."Now you can shoot him in the leg, he shouldn't be that rude!" Rose said obviously irritated by his behavior. I pulled out the gun out from my bra don't ask why it is there it just is...

  "this will be so much fun" I pulled the trigger, I decided to just shoot him in the leg because Rose said so. "Ooooouuuchh" he screamed whining, seriously it doesn't hurt that much. "Stop screaming!! You big baby." I said annoyed by how he reacted. "Rose I think maybe you should take him to the doctor now, just so that he won't like die." I said serious, I won't let him die because then Rose would be sad. 

Rose held him up and walked to the doctor. "Well more pizza for me." I said taking the pizza to my room. I sat down on my chair with my desk since I had a lot of work to do. I went on the computer and onto my gang web site, I made it so that gangs can make deals with other gangs easily. FBI have no idea about this because I made it only so that other gangs can come on the website.

I found a number on it and it was the second most powerful gang, but that doesn't really matter. I called the number. "Hey, let's talk business. Where and when is the weapon deal?" I asked. "It comes precisely 01.00 am and don't come late and it is in the harbor." The man in the phone said simply because we don't have a lot of time on the phone.  "Trust me, we won't come late." I said hanging up on him. 

Now I need Rose because  can't do everything alone. "Rose! Rose! Rose!" I yelled most likely annoying her. "What?!!!" She yelled back clearly annoyed by me. "Can you come in here?!!" I asked her, she bursted in here..

"What is It?" She asked trying not to seem annoyed clearly failing. "We have a weapon shipment tonight." I said simply.  "Well how many people should I get to come with?" She asked unsure. "About ten people maybe." I said not caring really. "I'll just text you the details so you won't forget." I said remembering how many times she has forgotten to get more people to come. "I'll go watch over Tom he's getting stitches now and he's about to cry." She said laughing a bit. 

"Rose can you wake me up 2 hours before we leave?" I said, she just nodded and left the room. I took a nap, I love naps, naps are probably the best thing ever. I woke up half an hour before Rose cam into the room, lucky me.... note the sarcasm. "Get ready were leaving in two hours." She said and I just nodded. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair and put it into a ponytail. I didn't bother to take makeup on because I was going to sleep afterwards and it would actually take me to care about how I look. 

"Sky! Come on! We have to leave!" Rose yelled at me as I went downstairs. "Come let's go!" I yelled at her. "Can I drive your Lamborghini, pretty please?" She said with puppy eyes, she almost have better puppy eyes than me, just almost! "Fine!" I said throwing her the keys. "Yay, I win" she said giving a little happy dance while we walked to the garage. 

Rose put on music and started singing. I started laughing because she was so into the music it was hilarious. We got to the shipment none of the men had showed up yet. "Where are they?" I asked Rose who gave me a innocent look a little to innocent. "Rose don't say you forgot to tell them to show up." I said internally face palming myself. 

"Ops.. I'm sorry." She said obviously not sorry. "It's fine, do you got your weapons?" I asked her because she most likely forgot that too. "Ops.. I forgot them." She said awkwardly. "Rose.. you can't be serious. Here take my gun, I'm better in hand fighting either way and I can dodge a bullet." I said giving her my gun, I heard a gunshot right next to my ear, I could feel blood come out of it but I didn't care. I turned around and saw a sniper in the distant. "Rose I don't think we're alone." I said to her.

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