Chapter 1: All set to go

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"Slowly, Hannah! or you'll hurt yourself." Mrs. Jackson said as Hannah came hurriedly down the stairs. 

Mrs. Jackson was in her 40s but looked like in 30s as she took care of herself a lot but she wasn't a high maintenance kind of lady. 

"Don't worry mom!" Hannah, a 16 yrs. old girl, nearly 5'5" with black hairs and with a cheerful personality said.

"All of this won't be happening," said Mrs. Jackson, "if you would have woken up early!"

"I did wake up early but then...I slept again. Hehe." Said, Hannah sticking her tongue out. Mrs. Jackson shook her head with a smile as if saying nothing could be done with her daughter.

As Hannah came down the wooden staircase, she went towards the kitchen to grab the beach basket which her mom had packed.

"John! Aren't you ready yet?" Mrs. Jackson called for her son. "Gosh! You take more time to get ready than girls!" John is 14 yrs. old, slightly taller than Hannah & had kind of a dirty, blond hair and a scar on his right arm which he got while playing his favorite sport of all time - football.

"I'm coming, Mom!" yelled John from his room upstairs. "You know, I could've gotten ready early if someone didn't mess up my things." He said looking at his sister while coming down with a backpack. 

"Hey! Don't blame me if you can't keep your room tidy enough to find things fast!" Hannah replied with a smirk.

"Enough you two, cut it out! You both were so excited about this beach trip. Do you want to go or not?" Mrs. Jackson said raising her eyebrow.

"Sorry, Mom." Both said in unison.


It was the sound of their dog, Tom. He was a well-groomed Golden Retriever. He was loved by all but he was closest to Hannah. Tom wiggled his tail as he was excited to go to the beach too, run wild on the sand & play in the water.

*Honk Honk*

Came the sound of the car's horn from the driveway. "Are you guys coming or not?" Mr. Jackson yelled from the car waiting impatiently. He was a tall man with a fit body and black hairs with slight strands of white. "What is taking you all so long? Hurry up or we'll lose our spot!" 

"Coming Dad!" John replied and went towards the car.

"Your dad is more enthusiastic than any of us." Mrs. Jackson said with a giggle. "So, Hannah," She said looking towards her daughter, "have you got everything?"







"Yes, mom. Yes. Don't worry. I've kept everything. Now let's go."

"Extra Sunscreen? Don't want to repeat the last years incident again!" Mrs. Jackson said as Hannah let out a small laugh remembering what had happened last year. They had forgotten to take extra sunscreen by mistake and it caused John a sunburn so much that he wasn't even able to walk or talk properly. He was sleeping on sand and Hannah had placed a bucket & a shovel on his stomach and he got sunburned on his entire body except for the spots where the bucket & the shovel were. Poor John, but Hannah got her revenge prank.

All of them got inside the car. "Ready for it?" Mr. Jackson asked everyone.


"You bet!" The kids said in enthusiasm before the ride to the beach began.

Little do they know that this beach trip was going to change their lives forever.

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