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Do people REALLY change? think about it: has any one you know, truly and HONESTLY changed? Because according to my mother we cant. But I beg the differ.

When I ever I say something sarcastic, my mother FLIPS. Like, it may not be actual anger anger (yes 2 angers), but she just doesn't know when to SHUT. UP. And, she makes me feel really bad. not like, bad as in what you did, but as a LIVING BREATHING PERSON. I feel like crap when this happens. Here's a recent topic (to me, this feels like something reasonable to say):

M= mum, T= me (TSG)

T= mum, can you please (keyword please) not text and drive. It's illegal.

M= no it isn't.

T= but it will be.

M= ARUGH (that's pretty much the sound she made) just.....Why can't you be like LEXXY (that's my friend) ?

T= because I'm me. a smart (not edu smart, even though I'm am Edu smart...) and sarcastic teen.

M= if I acted like you, I'd be picking up my teeth from the floor...

T= that's illegal now in Texas. leaving marks or broken limbs/teeth is child abuse, and you can get arrested (my dad's a cop, so I know more about laws than others.) .

M= in trying to raise a respectful young lady an-

T= you don't raise me. My dad does. (divorced parents)

(Lexxy has been in the backseat the whole time BTW.)

M= ya know; sometimes I just wanna kill myself because of how you act.

T= nice to know I make you suicidal mother.

M= I just like wanna like veer off in traffic and just DIE!

T= thanks, mother, I freaking love you too. (my thoughts lead off to think things...)

THERE. that's only minor BTW /\ /\

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