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Chara found herself in the middle of a dark room. Why was everything so black? Wait... Were there... Voices?

-You failed to free them, Chara!-

Somebody distant shouted.

-You are a failure!-

-You couldn't win over a boy without stabbing him!-

-You made yourself look like a skeleton!-

-You are weak!-

So many voices... So many voices, and all from her past life on the surface. Her siblings, her parents, the villagers... Why was she hearing all of this?

-I'm not! Leave me alone! You are no longer part of me! FUCK OFF!-

Chara was surprised for swearing out loud, mostly when her echo reached her. But the voices began shouting at her again and she dropped to her knees.


She shouted, clenching her head. Everything began fading to black, and the voices mixed into a satanic laughter...

Chara woke up with a scream of fear and sat up.

-My child, what's wrong? Did it hurt?-

She heard Toriel saying. Shaking her head, Chara saw her step-mother above her.

-What hurt?-

She asked confusedly. That was the moment when she realized that she had a drip in her arm.

-I was about to pull out the drip, I thought it hurt.-

-No, no, I just had a nightmare... Oh uh, what have I missed?-

-After you passed out from the blood loss, Gaster connected you to two drips in a row because you were in danger of anemia and needed fluids.-

-Well that... Explains why do I need to use the bathroom!-

At the moment the drip was disconnected, Chara sprinted to the bathroom. On the way she passed Asriel, and, not knowing how on flight to tell her that he's glad she's fine, he high-fived her on the way. In the bathroom, Chara also had a mirror, and as she noticed her reflection there, she saw that her red blush on cheeks was coming back ever so slightly, but she was no longer looking like Napstablook. Not that she thought Napstablook doesn't look cool, but for her own face, their face was way too pale.

-Alright, at least I look like a humanoid now.-

She said, fixing her hair. Still, even through a shirt, she could see her way too thin body... Wait a moment, the shirt! It was all smooth and fix. Probably Toriel changed her shirt while she was out... And what's with her injuries? She rolled her pants-that also weren't the same ones from before-to see her leg perfectly healed, just with a red mark instead of the wound. Surely Toriel and Gaster used their magic. It left a scar, but who cares? The same mark was on her shoulder. That's it. No signs of the fight, nothing. Just scars that are always left after deep wounds.
Chara hopped out of the bathroom and ran to search for her jacket. Damn! It was also torn apart from the shots! She just hoped Toriel didn't throw it away... No, thanks God, it was on Toriel's table. Figuring that she'll just fix it later, Chara went to the corridor... And that's when she realized she was wearing only socks. When she stepped into a puddle of water that somebody probably poured by accident from their glass... Or maybe it even leaked from the drip... Who knew, and who cared? Wet socks. Wet. Damn. Socks.

-I guess you won't need this foot now?-

She heard a newly familiar voice. It was Cameron. He was standing on crutches with his leg all covered in gyps and correctors. From the holes in his shirt peeked a bandage he had all over his body. His head was bandaged, but he still managed to pull his black bandana above, what resulted Chara to conclude that he either loved his bandana too much to put it off or that he didn't see himself in the mirror like that.

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