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I always knew I was different but the days I came out are the days that defined me. People say you don't just come out once, that you are constantly coming out, but I have had the twice the drama. You'd think that the 2nd time would be easier. You'd be wrong. Sorry I haven't introduced myself. I am Sam, a bisexual non-binary. I was born as Patricia-Amelia, female. I mean I guess you could tell I was different back when I was younger. I would always try to go between genders in games or when I spoke to my friends saying stuff like, 'Wouldn't it be cool to be a boy?' and sometimes just feel comfortable as a girl. Same with my sexuality. I never saw the problem with pride. If someone liked girls or boys or nobody it didn't matter, though I didn't realise how much homophobia was in the world. When I came out as bisexual one of my friends started to back away from me. When I came out as non-binary that same friend (let's call her 'H' ) decided to announce she didn't want to be friends with me and started rumours and H took part in bullying based around my sexuality and gender. Then came the coming out I feared.

My family.

With my siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles and so forth it was easy as all it would take was a couple of well slipped in comments such as, 'I have a wider love life. Liking boys AND girls.' and 'gender is so complicated. For example, it's hard to explain you are non-binary like me'. Guess what!

IT WORKED! Those family members accepted me for who I was and we would have normal conversations. But with my parents, my father didn't care and told me that 'you love who you love'. My mother didn't care, but not in the positive way like my dad, she told me to grow up and I was stupid. But her idea has changed now. Probably because she realised I was serious about it and so now she is more calm about it when I talk about it. I have had girlfriends and boyfriends who accepted me. These part of the story may have a happy ending but not all do. My story may change and yours might not have a happy ending. Maybe you haven't come out, maybe you have but haven't been accepted. There are always negatives focus on the good things. There is a Wattpad community filled with people just like you.


I am here if you need someone to speak to.

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