Chapter 3

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MayMay's POV:

"Guys I'll just go to the rest room" I said and they nodded their heads and continued talking. It was lunch time now and I just finished eating and now I have to wash. While I was walking to the rest room I felt someone following me so I turned around and no one was there. I just ran inside the rest room and washed my hands and fixed my hair. After I was finished I went out and I was just scrolling through my newsfeed on my phone and then I felt someone following me again, weird. Then I felt someone grab my hand and pull my hand and we were in the janitor's closet. I was screaming through the person's hand

"If I take off my hand can you please not scream, I have to talk to you" The person said and it sounded like a guys, but I nodded my head anyway and he took off his hand and I just sighed

"Who are you?" I asked and then he opened the lights and I saw, Edward Barber? What the heck does he want?

"Edward Barber?" I asked and he smirked

"Ahh so you know me?" He asked

"Well duh, everyone in school knows you, well what do you want?" I asked him

"Are you Marydale Entrata?" He asked

"Yah I am" I said

"I need to ask a big favour" He said and I just looked at him confused

"Depends on what it is" I said

"I need you to be my girlfriend" He said, what the heck is wrong with this guy?

"What?" I asked

"What I meant was I need you to be my fake girlfriend, I need to make Heaven jealous so I can have her back, so can you please be my fake girlfriend?" He asked and I just looked at him

"Look I know this is fake but I'm the wrong girl" I said and walked to the door but then he grabbed my arm

"Please Marydale" He said and I just looked at him

"I'll do anything you want" He said and I just sighed

"Fine, I'll be your fake girlfriend, you don't need to do anything" I said and he just smiled at me

"Thank you so much, I'll ask you formally tomorrow, get ready" He said and he walked out the janitor's closet and left me there alone. What did I get myself into?

Edward's POV:

I have to be honest, Marydale is beautiful, I think she was the girl I saw in the coffee shop. I didn't know that she went to the same school as us, I've never seen her. After me and Mardale's talk I went back to the cafeteria and sat with the other guys and they all looked at me

"So how did it go? Did she agree to it?" Ronnie asked and I nodded my head

"Well that's great, so she's your girlfriend now" Markus teased and I just rolled my eyes

"Fake girlfriend, but I still have to ask her formally tomorrow so that everyone will see and word will spread" I said and they nodded their heads

"By the way, how come I've never seen her around before?" I asked

"Because you're too focused on Heaven" Bailey said and I just nodded my head

"Well we need to make a plan so I can ask Marydale to be my girlfriend" I said and they all nodded their heads and helped me

MayMay's POV:

"He did what?!" Kisses and Marco exclaimed

"He asked me to be his fake girlfriend" I said

"Why?" Marco said

"Because he wants to get his girlfriend back, he wants her to be jealous and he wants her to come back to her" I said

"Basta Ate May you tell me if he does something to you, pepektusan ko yun" Marco said and I just nodded my head

(Pepektusan is like something a person does to another person's ear, it's like they flick the ear or something.)

"Halika na, let's go to class na" I said and they nodded and we got our stuff and went to go to our class. When we got to class we went to our seats and we waited for our teacher and while we were waiting I got my book out from my bag and started reading it. It was about this girl who was afraid to love, hmmm just like me. I hope I'll find that one person who will love me for who I am, and I just sighed. One day I will meet you my love, and I will never let you go.


Sorry for the short chapter but I couldn't think of anything else, but I promise the next chapter will be longer. I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter through, I hope you're enjoying the story so far,  I promise the story all get more interesting. Well I have nothing else to say so yah buh-bye!

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