Chapter five

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Chapter five

*Alex P.O.V*

I got off the bed before Brody could get his hands on me and wrapped a sheet around me, I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. “Alex!!” I could hear him yelling and banging on the door but I chose to ignore him because I really wanted to explore Barbados today, apparently his sole mission of the day was to keep me bedded.

I turned off the showered all bathed and brushed, knowing that I was completely naked under this skimpy white towel proved dangerous as I knew Brody was naked outside. I unlocked the door and slowly made my way out, I thanked the heavens he had already left the room I quickly got dressed with a two piece black bikini with blue jean shorts a black tank top and a cream throw over piece.

As I made my way downstairs Brody was already dressed and waiting. “I really wanted to share my bath with  you this morning” he said smirking “Anyhow we’ve got the entire vacation for that, let’s go grab some breakfast and head out I’ve got the entire day planned out.”

Being that smartass I know I am I had to respond to him “ I prefer taking my showers alone, the pace you’re moving at we wouldn’t have made it out of bed!! So shut up and let’s go!” with that being said I flash him a wink and turned to walk out the house. “Oh Ms. Guerra I could take you on this floor right now but, I won’t I’m starving.” With that being said to shut me up we made our way to the SUV where his driver was waiting to take us to Brody’s favorite place called the ‘Breakfast Shack’.

The food there was delicious their bacon and eggs had a totally different flavor from our usually food back home, there was this amazing blend of spices used to cure their pork, because of Brody being ever so rich he paid for us to have a private tour in the kitchen where I met this lovely African woman, she had a smile that could light up a room. She taught me how to get the perfect scrabble eggs along with a few other kitchen tips.

*Brody’s P.OV.*

Alex looked so gorgeous in this morning the way her clothes shaped around her body I had to resist the urge to tear them off, I hope she enjoys what I have planned for us today. When we entered that ‘Breakfast Shack’ her mood lighten drastically as she meet Ms. Sherry, this woman was truly amazing and she could make anyone feel at home I’ve known her since I was a little boy when we came on family vacations here. Seeing Alex’s hair pulled up in a messy bun and a white apron around her made my heart skip a beat as I imagined waking up every morning to her making me breakfast.

Hearing her laughter fill the air when Ms. Sherry told her about that time when I ran after one of her pigs trying to get on its back for a ride and I eventually slipped and fell in the mud and the pigs in the pen started chasing me when I got up I tried to get out, heck I was a ten year old adventurous boy. The way she threw her head back laughing at me made me laugh at myself, gosh she really is the one for me and the sooner she realized that the better I had to make her mines because these two days I had spent with her made me feel complete.

I just had to do something about her smart mouth, damn she is a feisty one!! But she is my feisty one. Or maybe I could that mouth to some good use. Pulled out of my dirty thoughts “What are you smirking about Oh Great Dirty One?”

“Alex if I’m smirking it’s obvious I’m thinking about you naked wrapped around me, now let’s hurry up and eat we got a bus tour today you’re going to love it.”

*Alex’s P.O.V.*

After breakfast we said our good bye to Ms. Sherry and went onto the bus tour. The tour we pretty amazing they took us to a couple historically spots where we stopped and took lots of pictures, we made some funny pictures for memories because I knew once collage started I would be in London and may never see Brody again.

We dined at a small restaurant for lunch and retired to bed because I was completely drained from walking all over and taking pictures. As my aching body hit the bed Brody the idiot just had to join me with his annoying clingy self, I was so tired I could careless and I fell into deep slumber wrapped around his arms.

Waking up with him next to was something I was getting used to and was I can’t deny the fact that I was enjoying this. Brody stirred as I tried to untangle myself from his and his eyes flashed open. “Where do you think you’re going!! You’re mines now you can’t leave our bed we haven’t even got started yet.” And with that being said he drugged me with endless kisses and finally two rounds after my stomach growled.

“Brody I’m starving let’s go eat please!” using my best puppy eyes he got off me and went into the living room to let me shower and get dressed. When I came out the shower the a beautiful royal blue gown lay on the bed with a small note next to it ‘Alex you look beautiful in anything but tonight I want to rip this dress off you, Brody’

He was definitely the charmer I thought and laughed to myself, I slipped into a pair of tan color heels and the dress, applied light make up and made my way downstairs. There he was standing in his black Armani suite a white shirt and black tie, as much as I stilled disliked him his sex appeal was too high to not notice, as I have said before the man was walking sex.  

On seeing me make my way down the stairs he took a couple long strides towards me, he snaked his arm around my waist and lead me towards the terrace where he had set up a beautiful candle light dinner. Ok maybe it was a little cheesy but no one had ever done anything like the for me, there were white roses everywhere and very little lighting,

“Brody its beautiful but don’t you think it’s a little to formal “I said with a small chuckle.

“I’d do anything to see your smile Alex come on let’s eat.”

“So you planned this all on your own huh rich guy?” passing a wink at him.

“Yup I planned and had my employees organize everything while we were upstairs. Now eat up we have plans tonight.” Plans tonight ugh but I was tired maybe I could fake my way out of tonight’s activities and catch up on sleep. Dinner was delicious we had grilled chicken with vegetables and potatoes, it is my favorite dish I wondered if he knew or it was purely coincidental. After we ate Brody I stood up and held out his hand to me “Uh no music ,” I said giving him a thumbs down but he just pulled me out my seat and we slow danced to love story by Talyor Swift on his iphone.

After the song ended I said to him “Hey I umm …..i don’t think I’ll be able to make tonight’s plans I think I’m just gonna sleep, good night,” I planted a soft kiss on his cheek and turned on my heels to head up to the room. The ego of this idiot was suddenly offended as he grabbed me and swung me across his shoulder “ we have plans tonight and you’re not getting off easily.” He let out his empowering laugh as he carried me upstairs with me yelling and pounding on his back to put me down, as he rest me down on my feet I punch him hard on the shoulder “I can walk you…you…you idiot ughh!!” “Aww Alex you really wounded me.” Feigning pain on his shoulder he gathered me in his arms.

“You’re so cute when you’re feisty but we have plans that I intend on keeping and it involves me ripping this dress off your body so I can kiss every inches off you…understand that .” he ripped that dress off in a split second and started tearing his own off. if I knew this was his plans I would’ve objected in the first place because I had five weeks to enjoy with him and then I had to go back home and face my father’s wrath. He was going to be so pissed but at this moment here with Brody I couldn’t care less.

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