Chapter 3

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Lance's P.O.V.
I'm at work again, after the study session yesterday I needed a break from thinking about homework so I'm glad I had a shift today. Besides, Sundays are always great pay so I can continue saving up for university. I didn't want to put any stress on my family to pay for uni so I said I'll do it all myself. It's also good to keep my mind off of feeling like I don't belong with my friends.

I'm still at the checkout, taking peoples orders and writing them up. There are lots of alphas today but a few omegas have come in as well. It's nice to remember there are others like me in a world full of alphas and betas. But I've never met another prime omega which is a bit disappointing.

"Next!" I call out

"Lance?" My next customer asks

It's Keith, I didn't think he'd ever be back, especially so soon. My heart is beating fast again, why won't it calm down?

"Hey Keith, still got the mullet I see?" I ask looking at his hair, trying to distract myself from his stupid adorable face

"Yeah is that a problem?" He replies

"Of course not, if you were living in the eighties." I chuckle

"What about your top? It's covered in coffee powder." Keith growls

"Oh, would you prefer me wearing nothing?" I ask flirtatiously

His face explodes in a blush and he seems to be at a loss for words. I chuckle at this and open the cash register.

"So what can I get you?" I ask

"O-One coffee, black." He says, still shocked

"Sure, that's two dollars." I reply holding out my hand

He places the money in my hands and I write the order on a cup. There is no one after him in line so I try to strike up another conversation.

"So is it just you today?" I ask

"Yeah, so what?" He replies grumpily

"Just wondering, where's Shiro?" I question

"Doing homework in his apartment probably." Keith says "I don't really know."

Maybe they aren't together since Keith doesn't really know where Shiro is, maybe I have a chance. But I also kinda like Shiro so it's a bit weird to picture myself with just one. Would I have to choose or would they be polyamorous as well? I shouldn't get my hopes up, I saw how they looked at each other yesterday and even if they didn't like each other they still wouldn't go for me.

Once the coffee is done I hand it to Keith and he barely looks at me.

"Am I to beautiful to look at?" I ask chuckling

"No, you just smell really good." He says and then covers his mouth quickly

"W-What?" I ask in shock, not sure if I head him correctly

"Nothing!" He says and rushes out of the cafe

I raise a hand to my cheek and feel how hot they are, he complemented me on my scent. An alpha complemented me on my scent... I don't know if it's instincts or not but it makes me feel proud of myself, I can feel something spreading in my chest. I've never been complemented on my scent before...

Keith's P.O.V.
I can't believe I just did that, I just complemented him on his scent! Only lovers do that! Not that being with Lance would be bad or anything... wait what? Ugh this is so confusing. What do I do? I am dating Shiro but I think Lance is really cute.... I did act this way around Shiro right before we started dating.

Maybe I should talk to Shiro about it. I wonder what he would say? He wouldn't be upset, I think... I grab my phone and message Shiro that I'm coming home early. I was originally going to the library to grab some textbooks but this is more important.

I begin walking home, sipping at my coffee and trying desperately to calm myself down. I wonder if Shiro likes him as well? That wouldn't be a problem, quite the opposite. But how would we tell Lance?

I arrive back home and open it up. Shiro's in the living room focusing on some of his business homework.

"Shiro I need to talk now!" I yell rushing over to him "I completely embarrassed myself, Lance will never talk to me again!"

"Woah, woah calm down." Shiro says placing his work down "What happened?"

"I told Lance I liked his scent!" I say hiding my face in my hands

"Is that it?" Shiro asks "That's not to bad, I'm sure he'll talk to you again."

"But what if he doesn't? I just ran out after I said it, I didn't even apologise!" I reply

"Keith, do you have a crush on Lance?" Shiro asks seriously

"W-What?" I ask shocked

"Do you like Lance? It's ok if you do." Shiro says looking me in my eyes

"I-I don't know." I say looking down "But what about you?"

"Keith we've spoken about adding a third for a while." Shiro says placing a hand on mine "And I think Lance would be perfect."

"So we should get to know him a little before we try anything?" I ask

"I think so, I'd like to get to know him as well, he is very pretty." Shiro states "And he goes to our school so we can talk to him tomorrow."

"Thanks Shiro, you always know what to say to calm me." I sigh happily, hugging him tightly

We press our lips against one another and soon we're in a full blown make out session. Our hands travel all over each others bodies and I grind against his lower half.

I feel relieved that Shiro was so supportive, he seems to want to get to know Lance as well. Despite the fact I bicker with Lance the few times I've seen him I still really like him, he seems really nice and he's beautiful, I guess what they say about omegas is true.

And we do go to the same school as well, our school is pretty big, so are the classes so it makes sense that I've never really noticed Lance before so I really want to make up for lost time. Hopefully Lance would want to be in a three way relationship, especially with two alphas.

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