Chapter 2

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MayMay's POV:

Me and Marco were walking through the halls looking for Kisses because that girl is always off somewhere, she's always exploring, gosh.

"Did Kisses tell you where she was going?" I asked him and he just shook his head

"Where did that girl go again?" I asked, no one in particular.

"Well let's just go to class, we're gonna be late, maybe Kisses is there already." Marco suggested and I just looked at him and nodded my head. We went to the classroom and he was right Kisses was there and she was with Donny and we walked near her

"Oh Ate May, Marco, you're here." She said, and I just crossed my arms

"Where were you? We went to your house and Tita said you left already, why didn't you wait for us?" I asked her

"Oh yah sorry Te May, Donny came over to the house and asked if I wanted to walk with him to school, and I couldn't resist, sorry guys" She said and I just sighed and nodded my head

"You got me worried baby girl" I said and sat down on the seat next to her

"Sorry May ha, I just wanted to walk Kisses to school" I heard Donny say and I just smiled at him

"It's fine Donny, just don't hurt Kisses, if you hurt her me and Marco will kill you with our bare hands" I said and he just looked at Marco and Marco nodded his head in agreement

"Of course I'll take care of her, I won't hurt her" He said, and was scared and Kisses just slapped me and Marco on the head

"Owww" Me and Marco whined

"Don't scare Donny." She said and I just rubbed my head

"Just trying to protect you Kisses" I said and she rolled her eyes and laughed. Marco sat not the seat beside me and Kisses sat on my other side and Donny was on her other side. We heard the door open and Edward came in and sat in the very back. Our teacher came in and he greeted us and started teaching.


Well it's lunch time now and we were sitting where we usually seat during lunch and we were just eating and talking about some stuff.

"So Kisses, are you and Donny official?" I asked and she just shook her head

"Nope, not yet, but soon" She said and I rolled my eyes

"Kisses, he had been courting you for almost two months now, when are you gonna make it official?" I asked

"Soon Te May, I'm just not ready yet" She said and I sighed and nodded my head, good luck to Donny, Kisses is playing hard to get.

"How about you Ate May? When are you gonna have a boyfriend?" Marco asked and I just looked at him

"How about you? When are you gonna have a girlfriend?" I asked him and he shook his head

"Nuh uh, I asked first" He said and I just sighed and shrugged

"I really don't know, I mean guys just really don't like me" I said and Marco and Kisses just looked at me

"Are you seriously serious right now? Do you not remember in first year when there three guys who were courting you but you decided to reject them?" Marco asked and I just sighed while remembering that time

"Oh shut up, I was too young." I said and both of the shook they're heads

"C'mon Ate May you can tell us why you really don't want to be in a relationship" Kisses said and I just sighed

"Well it's because I'm afraid to fall in love, because I know they would leave me one day, and I'm afraid of getting hurt" I said

"Ate May, love life is really like that, you get hurt sometimes but it feels amazing to be in love, you have that one person who will love you no matter what, he/she will make you feel special, will make you feel loved." Kisses said and I just sighed

"I'm afraid and that's that." I said and they just shrugged and continued to eat their food and I continued to eat mine as well. It's true though, I am afraid to fall in love, I just really don't want to get hurt.

Edward's POV:

It's now lunch time now and I am seated with my friends at our table and I was thinking of a way to get Heaven back and then I looked at the guys

"Guys think of a plan so I can get Heaven back" I said to them and then they just looked at each other

"Dude are you really in love with that Heaven girl?" I heard Ronnie ask and I looked at him and nodded my head

"Yah" I said

"Well I got an idea" Bailey said and we all looked at him

"Well what is it?" I asked him

"How about you make her jealous, find a girl who will be your fake girlfriend and once Heaven sees you guys she'll be jealous and for sure she will come crawling back to you" He said and I thought about it

"Not a bad idea, but who will I use?" I asked

"I think I know the perfect girl" Christian said

"Who?" I asked

"That girl that I courted in the first year, though she rejected me but she's perfect for this situation, and not to mention she's beautiful, and bro I had to fight to other guys to get to her, she's hot man, you have to use her" He said and I looked at him

"What's her name?" I asked

"I think I know who you're talking about, I also tried to court her last year but she rejected me too, that girl is hard to get bro" Bailey said

"Dude just tell me who the girl is" I said

"Marydale Entrata, well people just call her MayMay" Ricci said and we all looked at him

"You know her too?" Christian asked and he nodded his head

"Of course man, I also tried to court her but nah man she's really hard to get, but she's perfect for this situation man" Ricci said and I was really shocked, wow this girl really seems interesting, like 5 guys already tried to court her but neither one of them got to her. Hmmmm MaryDale Entrata


That's it for now people, I hope you guys enjoyed wew haba ng hair ni MayMay ha, hehehehehehe well I have nothing else to say so buh-byeeeeeee!!

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