23. Unhinged.

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"I do not understand!" Havillah snapped, her brows wrinkling as she stared into the very empty space that was right there before her. "I mean, why is it just this one and why is it so big?" She questioned, turning around so as to face the direction from whence she had last heard that voice.

"Both man and city are judged alike. Haven't you heard the story of Trosarid and Zkanar?"

"Yea yea...they were burnt down to a crisp all because they couldn't stand to be in the all awesome and dazzling light of..." she trailed off even as a horrific thought took over her irate mind. "Oh no... Wait!" Havillah gasped. "You are the Light! Aren't you?" The words rasped out of her gasping mouth.

The voice chuckled from behind her and Havillah twirled around to face it.

"Why do you keep doing that?" She complained even as she quickly forgot her initial shock .

"Can you contain the wind in one place? Can you imprison the air so that it does not move?"

"I do not know. Can you?" The girl responded sassily.

"Why are you so angry Havillah? Why is there so much bitterness in your heart?"

The furrows etched deeper into her forehead even as she frowned at the words that had just spoken.

"How do you even know all that?" The girl whispered.

"Where there is Light there is no darkness."

"I have no idea what that means, but I am pissed off! If you had been watching, then you'd have noticed that my life is in shambles. Couple that with the fact that you enjoy being cryptic and the fact that I am talking back to a being that allegedly destroyed two nations for being insolent...then I think I have earned that right to be bitter." Havillah huffed back.

"Oh Havillah...You've so much to learn." The voice was as a soft breeze caressed her cheeks while sending tingles down her weary spine. Unconsciously, the girl leaned in into the touch and the comfort it offered. A soft sigh escaped from her lips even as the exhaustion took over and she found herself closing her eyes. All of a sudden, a violent jolt racked her sluggish body and her eyes snapped wide open only to look around and find herself outside the temple, all alone and with nowhere to go.

"Grrr!" An irritated Havillah growled out, stomping her feet in a fit of frustration.

"I never thought I'd see the day when the Great Havillah is anything other than her usual calm and composed self."

"Gabriel!" Havillah turned surprised at hearing the voice of the young soldier in a place.

"In the flesh!" The man bowed in a show of mock obeisance,wide smirk stretching his facial expressions.

"Aaaargh! Leave me alone! I need to think and you're not helping." She swiftly walked down the flight of stairs and stopped at the bottom to study the area that surrounded her.

"And risk rousing the Captain's wrath?" the soldier moved to stand beside her. "No, thank you!" He retorted and the young Great's fists clenched with barely restrained anger.

"Fine!" She hissed back at him. "Do whatever you want, but Stay. The. Heck! Out of my way!" Havillah snapped back before gathering her robes and bristling past him a fit of fury.

"Okay," the young soldier raised up his hands in another show of mock surrender even as he secretly hoped to get another rise out of her, but Havillah was no longer listening. New thoughts were already filling her mind even as she surveyed the area that was around the temple with rampant interest.

"Of course! Why didn't I see it before?" She thought to herself, her eyes roaming, taking in the view of the ring of houses that seemed to be surrounding the temple. "If the scrolls are true, then that would mean..." she trailed off, her feet commencing the long walk between the temple and the seventh house within the ring.

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