Chapter 1 - Homicide

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I sat at the back seat of Hank's car. The old fashioned car smelled like whiskey and cigarettes. "Do you ever wash this junk?" I asked him when he stopped at the red light.

"Listen, little girl." He looked at the front mirror of the car; our eyes made contact. "Last time I checked this is my car — my car" His voice deepened. 

"[Y/N]" I said with my arms crossed around my chest.
"My name is [Y/N]. My name is not little girl. It is [Y/N]."

Connor sat at the passenger seat. His body was unspeakably still. When we got to the house that was surrounded by police officers, Connor turned his head to look at Hank.

For an android..Connor has amazing facial structures..

Hank parked his car in front of the house. He looked at Connor. "Stay in the car," He then looked at me, "c'mon. Get out of the car — hurry up."

As I go out of the car, Connor decided to get out. He looked at me and gave me a nod before following Hank like a lost puppy.

The news reporters were around us with their cameras and annoying questions.
"Lieutenant Anderson! Do you think this is a homicide?" The reporters asked Hank without giving me or Connor any acknowledgment.

Hank let out a grumble, "I'm not considering or confirming nothing."

We got up to the house to be stopped by a police officer.

"Why did you bring an android?" The police officer asked Hank. Connor walked up next to Hank, who seemed to be angry at the fact Connor disobeyed him. "I told you to stay in the car," He hissed at Connor, "Why did you let it get out of the car, princess?"

I shrugged and took a cigarette out of my pocket, "It's our partner, Lieutenant Anderson, you better get used to it."

"Detective [L/N]." Connor called my name when I lit up my cigar. I placed the cigar in between my lips and glanced at Connor.

"I highly recommend to quit smoking. It's very damag—"

I cut him off, "Worry about your wires plastic boy." Hank let out a noise that sounded like a laugh. "You do have a sense of humor, Anderson." I said with a smirk.

"Shut up" and with that we went inside the house.

Once we got inside, Connor's LED flashed blue to yellow when he would stare at some items in the house.

"This house is a mess." I scrunched up my nostrils when I saw the amount of blood at the crime scene. The victim was on the floor in his own pool of blood with multiple stab wounds on his chest. What made my body have goosebumps was the words written with blood above the dead body: I AM ALIVE

I looked at the police officer who took notes next to Hank. "He had an android, am I correct?" I dropped my cigar and crushed it with my feet.

"Yes. The android left the crime scene." The police officer told us. Connor squatted near the body, he placed his finger on the ground, and brought the now red tinted finger inside of his mouth.

I stood there speechless. "Jesus! What the fuck are you doing?" the words went out of my lips without thought. Connor got up from the floor, "I was trying to determine how old was the blood. I'm equipped with a biometric scanner-"

"— okay. I'm just going to go over there." I ended up walking near the bathroom. I looked at my hands and my eyes started to blur. A tear falls down my cheek. I miss you Dad

"Lieutenant Anderson, I think I know what happened." Connor told Hank at the kitchen. I wiped the tear off my cheek and took a deep breath.

"What happened?"

I eavesdropped in their conversation; Connor told Hank that the android — apparently a deviant — was being hit by the victim, Carlos Ortiz, and it fought back.

My eyes widen at the fact that an android fighting back against his owner... killing him in the result. Connor explained the situation with such details it was like he created a reconstruction of Carlos's last moments in his head.

"Sounds legit." I mumble.

A loud crash above me broke my concentration.

What the actual fuck was that?

I walked up to the end of the hallway and looked up. It's an attic..makes sense! The android must've not gone far and been hiding above our noses the whole damn time.

I grabbed a chair from the kitchen. I quickly looked at the living to see Connor looking at the floor. His LED flashed to yellow like he realized something. I ran back to the end of the hallway and got up on the chair. I pulled down the attic door and climbed inside.

The whole room was dark with a bunch of junk inside. I took out my flashlight out of my belt and pressed it on. The flashlight illuminated some parts of the dark attic, but it was still creepy.

A dark figure ran in front of me to the other side of the attic. I pulled out my gun. "Police! Come out before anything else happens." I said with authority.

I slowly walk to where the dark figure ran to. My heart started to beat faster but I kept my posture straight. "Are you Carlos Ortiz's android?" I asked as I got near a clothing rack. Something shifted in the clothing rack when I mentioned the victim's name.

"Get out of there." I said, pointing my gun at the clothing rack. The dark figure slowly removed himself from the clothes. He stood in front of me; blood was on his forehead and shirt. I let out a shaky breath. "I need to take you in. You have the right to remain sil—" He smacked the gun out of my hand. A gasp escaped my lips. I didn't expect that.

Then I felt his hand coil around my neck, pulling my back against his chest. My vision started to blur again as I clawed at his forearm.

"Let her go." Connor comes in my vision with a gun pointed at me. The android tighten his grips on me. "It was self defense! He was hurting me. I don't want to hurt this girl but-but she was going to turn me in. They are going to d-destroy me!"

Connor walked closer to us, "let her go and I promise I won't let them destroy you." The android let me go and I ran behind Connor.

"Please don't tell them I'm here." The android eyes were full of emotions: fear, sadness, and anxiety. It was like he was alive...

"It's up here!" Connor yelled out.

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