033| Ashes

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The weaponry of my bones
Stopped fighting against you
The strength of my muscles
Are not enough to break through

The dryness of my blood
Can not over come this flood
The tears in my eyes
Can not clog your lies

Your words are daggers
I can't bear anymore
The wounds they leave
Are not the scars of war

They are the symbols of weak
And indeed I am meek
You are the crippling storm
I am that crawling back worm

My fingers don't have hold
On the waters of my life
You have broke everything
How can I feel alive?

How could I ask for a boat
When I don't want to float?
How could I ask for a now
When all I want is to drown?

You are cold as ice
And you crave for the heat
You would burn me as timber
Continuously on repeat

But what will you do
When I would turn an ember
Will you prey on someone else
Or will you remember?

I would gladly burn
Like that last candle in your darkness
Trying to spread the glow
Until my wax dilute into emptiness

And you would still stand
Beside that heap of ashes
Trying to find another match
To fire your guilt stashes

And you would still standBeside that heap of ashesTrying to find another matchTo fire your guilt stashes

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Location- eating my breakfast

Time- 9:53 AM IST

Note- I cried myself to sleep last night

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