Temper Tantrum - Klance fluff

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This story takes place on earth by the way.

(Kieth's P.O.V)

"Kieth calm your tits down", Pidge said not looking away from her computer. "I CAN'T!", I yelled. "Why are you so pissed anyways", Lance asked me from his spot on the couch. "SHIRO FUCKING SHIT ON MY BED", I yelled. "Ewww, what the fuck Shiro", Lance said and looked over at Shiro who was sitting next to him silently sipping at his soda. "He deserved it", Shiro said calmly. "You know what", I spat through clenched teeth. "I'm going to take my shit and leave", I said. I then walked over and grabbed Lance by the waist and hoisted him on my shoulder. I then walked towards the door, turned around one last time and said, "By hoes". I then slammed the door.

(Pidge's P.O.V)

"What the fuck just happened", I said. Shiro just sighed. "He will come back, hopefully", Shiro sighed. I then turned to him making eye contact with him, "Why did you even shit in his bed?", I asked him. "He put a cat in my bed and I am allergic so I felt like almost dying", Shiro answered and took a big gulp from his drink. I sighed and turned back to my computer to watch some more of Adventure Time.

(Lance's P.O.V)

"Kieth why are we at my apartment?", I asked him as his car pulled up to my house. "Just follow me", Kieth said. I nodded and got out of the car only to be grabbed again and put over Kieth's shoulder and carried into the building. "I can walk myself you jerk", I said when we got to the floor my apartment was on. "Do you got the keys?", Kieth asked me ignoring what I said before. I nodded, "But only if you put me down", I spat. Kieth sighed and placed me down on the ground. I looked back and smiled at my boyfriend who smirked back at me. I then turned back to my door and stuck in the key. I opened it and Kieth then picked me up again and shut the door behind him. "THIS IS NOT A PORNO!", I shouted. "SHHHH, people are going to think that we are banging", Kieth said as he placed me on my couch. "Fine, but why did you even drag me here?", I asked. "For this", Kieth responded and planted his lips on mine. He then pushed me onto the couch were we both made out with each other. After that we decided to watch a show but in the middle of it I changed it to porn, lets just say that Kieth tackled me after that.

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