Chapter 2

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Keith's P.O.V.
I walk out of the cafe, still feeling annoyed but shocked about the flirting. Usually when people flirt with me I get angry but when I looked up into that boy's blue eyes I was at a loss for words. His eyes were so blue, they were calming. Normally it's impossible to calm an angry alpha but he didn't even need to say anything...

I see Shiro's motor bike outside the cafe and he walks up to me smiling softly.

"You got a coffee for me to huh?" He asks

"Yeah, apparently the guy at the checkout didn't get the hint it was for my boyfriend." I reply "He flirted with me."

"You're adorable when you're upset." Shiro says taking the coffee from my hand "Was it some old man?"

"No, it was a boy about our age." I say "He had the most amazing blue eyes."

"Doesn't sound like you're too upset. Speaking of which, I saw a boy today with blue eyes as well, like the ocean." He agrees "What a coincidence I guess?"

"He was cute." I mumble

"Did you say something?" Shiro asks looking at me

"No nothing important." I reply and sip at my coffee "Let's go home."

I know Shiro wouldn't mind me saying another boy is cute, we are both polyamorous and have talked about adding a third to our relationship but it's still embarrassing. Plus it's hard enough to find someone who likes guys and is ok with a polyamorous relationship.

We're heading to Shiro's apartment, it's where we both live. I lost my family in a car accident and Shiro asked me to stay with him, of course I agreed and soon after we started dating. Shiro has a lot of money from his parents so I don't need to worry about rent and things, although I do feel slightly bad for relying on him so much.

We arrive home and Shiro pulls out his phone.

"It's a message from Pidge, they're asking if we want to join a study group." Shiro explains

"Who's going to be there?" I ask

"Pidge, Matt and a few of their friends." Shiro replies "They all go to our school."

"Fine, I've been needing to catch up on my biology homework anyway." I say "When is it?"

"Tomorrow, try to be nice ok?" Shiro says wrapping me in a hug

"When am I ever not nice?" I smirk

**Time skip to the next day**

Lance's P.O.V.
Pidge organised a study group for us and a few of their brother's friends. Apparently they're two alphas and they go to our school. Pidge said the group should meet in the library which is only a few minutes away from my house.

I have finished picking out my outfit. A white shirt with a blue flannel, grey pants and my favourite blue high tops. I check myself out in the mirror making sure I look good. People say omegas are the most beautiful people but I don't know how true that is. All I know is that I have extremely sensitive and thin skin, but it's always clear and my hair is really soft and brown.

I grab my school work and begin to walk to the library. Hopefully we actually get work done instead of messing around.

I walk up the long library steps and open the door, looking around for Pidge and the others. I find them behind one of the book cases all seated around a desk, the two new people aren't here yet. I take a seat next to Hunk and say hello.

"So who are the other two?" Allura asks writing something down in her notebook

"They're my friends." Matt says "Shiro and Keith, they're both alphas and they go to our school. Pidge knows them as well."

"They're nice." Pidge says not looking up from their laptop

"They sounds fun." I say

"Going to flirt with them?" Hunk asks

"Me? Flirting? Of course not." I say in fake shock

"Oh! Here they are now." Matt says waving to two people

I turn to see the boy in the hallway yesterday with black and white hair and the boy at the cafe with the black mullet. Taking a closer look at the black and white haired boy I see shiny metal on his arm, oh wait that is his arm. He has a prosthetic. Not that that makes any difference to anything. Why is my heart beating so fast?

"Hey everyone, I'm Takashi Shirogane but you can just call me Shiro." The black and white haired boy says smiling

"Keith." The one with the mullet adds

"This is Allura, Hunk and Lance." Matt says gesturing to each of us "And you already know Pidge."

They take a seat and we begin to discuss our work. Slowly I feel everyone pulling away from me. Hunk and Pidge are talking about engineering, Matt and Allura are talking about a history project and finally Shiro and Keith are off in their own world, I don't know what they're talking about.

Every time I look at them my heart beats faster, I couldn't have a crush on them right? I mean look at them they obviously like each other. Yeah it's just some silly high school infatuation, it'll be gone in a few weeks, right? Besides they're probably dating each other and I'm not going to come between that....

Keith's P.O.V.
The second I saw Lance I realised he was the blue eyed boy who flirted with me. His eyes are still that bright blue but they seem sadder than yesterday. Once we sit down I turn to Shiro to tell him.

"Remember how I told you someone flirted with me yesterday? Lance is the one who did it." I whisper

"He's the one I saw in the hallway as well." Shiro replies

I stay quiet for a few seconds before smelling something sweet in the air. It smells like an ocean breeze and water lilies mixed with honey.

"Do you smell that sweet scent?" I ask slightly sniffing the air

"I think it's Lance." Shiro whispers

"Betas don't smell that nice neither do alphas..." I say and then trail off in realisation "He's an omega."

"He's definitely on suppressants though, I wonder why?" Shiro replies

My heart begins to beat faster as we realise Lance is an omega, omegas fit perfectly with alphas. For some reason I'm feeling a pull towards Lance, it might just be instincts, but I think it's more. I want to protect him and take care of him. I wonder what Shiro would say if Lance was to join our relationship. I just can't get over those blue eyes.

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