49 (Words&Texts) -Finale

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*3 years later*

Three years. Three years since Jin has seen Namjoon, spoken to namjoon, touched namjoon.

Of course jungkook and jin still speak and they meet once in a while but since Jin lives quite far away, they don't talk much and the brothers have drifted away.

Sure, they still have feelings for eachother but they've slowly died down and namjoon was too concentrated on the cafe more than jin.

On the other hand, Jin's ultimate dream was to host his own cooking show. Although he's never said that to upset his ex boyfriend it really has been his dream. And three years ago was the best time to start it.

"Thank you everyone for watching we'll be right with you after the break!" Jin kept his fake smile on until the director yelled,


He rolled his eyes and went to wash his hands. Jin closes his eyes and sighs. "I'm going now, bye."

As jin walks in the street, a bunch of people recognise him and wave to him but jin just scoffs and ignores them.

He used to want friends. Now it's pointless. Friends. They're just a come and go thing and at the end of the day, you're all alone. You won't need any friends.

Well that's what he told himself 3 years ago.

But these past few days, he's been feeling insecure. He needs someone to hold him. Someone to love him, only one person was on his mind.


He smiled to himself as he remembered the fun he used to have with him. Pretending to be a girl on snapchat and- then it hit him.

"Snapchat..." Jin deleted snapchat a while back after he left namjoon. He figures if he installs it again, namjoon would still be there.



He touched his cheek and met with something wet. He was crying. "He's still there..."

No. It's been ages. He couldn't just text him randomly. This is the end.

Love doesn't last long.

The End


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