Chapter 1

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Povs will be changing every chapter or so. Please bare with me once I get a first chapter things will be a lot smoother in my writing, I am having massive writer's block already so I am very sorry.

This chapter is in Cry's Pov

What. The. Actual. Hell Ryan!? You could have just disappeared into an empty classroom for lunch! Or at least anywhere where Ken wasn't! But no! You had to stay in the damn lunchroom and became his punching bag like always! Fuck! God why was I created to be a retard? All I'm good for is getting punched and having panic and or anxiety attacks! Also being the looser of the school. I have one friend, I am the second biggest bully in my school's punching bag, I have to deal with my parents screaming at each other or at me whenever I return home from school or work, I can't even ATTEMPT to talk to anyone without having a breakdown, and I can barely fucking breath without feeling like I am doing something wrong!

And people wonder why I wear a mask and never speak.

I sigh slightly as I grab my bag from my locker and start to head out the doors like everyone else in this shithol- I mean, school. Luckily after this year I will be a senior and then no longer have to deal with Ken or his friends, my parents, or this blasted school. I will be on my own and living freely. With no more yelling, torment, suffering. Just myself, my music, and my cat, Sunny. I take my phone from my pocket along with my ear buds and plug my ear buds into my phone. As I walk I unlock my phone and put my ear buds in slowly going to Pandora and clicking on one of my stations. In a few seconds a song loads and fills my head with it's sound. I lock my phone again and put it back in my pocket as I sling my bag over my shoulder. Just myself, my music, and my cat. I sigh gently as I make my way away from the old brick building and to the road I have called 'my road' since I was very little. I needed to head home quickly to grab my work uniform from the dryer before heading off to work.

After I reach the final stretch I see the one person I was praying never to see again. Tyler. I keep my head down as I pass him and his small group praying they don't notice me. Luckily, I make it pass unharmed. Once I get closer to my house and farther from Tyler I look back and sigh relieved. They didn't follow me, and they were gone now. I turn around again and spot my house. A small tan-ish brown two story house with a pouch with an over hanging roof that I sometimes sneak out onto to get away from the noise of my parents. I remember the first time my best friend Mark saw me up there he was so worried at first until he heard my parents screaming.

  Freshman year of high school suck! It is the middle of the year and I only have one friend. His name is Mark and he is actually going to be spending the night tonight. He is the ONLY person outside of my family that has seen my face and the only person I really trust. I am working on an english paper when I hear my parents angry voices buzzing downstairs. Their going to start yelling soon. Right on que they start hollering at each other angry about something one of them said or did. They always do this. They have since I was really little. I hated the noise.

I stand from my homework desk and walk across my room to the window that opens up to the porch roof. I sigh and look at my bedroom door. I could try and go talk to them, but then they would just yell more. I look back at the window and unlock it and push it up so there is a big enough gap for me to fit out of. I crawl out onto the roof and just sit there out of view of my bedroom window and my parents' bedroom window. I can hardly hear them out here. This is amazing. I smile content with my new found area to get away from it all. But it turns back to a frown when I can faintly hear my parents again. They gotten louder.

I turn my head to the street when I hear a car pull up. It's Mark's step mom's car. I adjust my mask so that I know it is fully covering my face as I watch my raven haired friend step out of the passenger side door with his overnight bag. He look up at me and I can see his eyes widen from here as his step mom pulls out into the road carefully and then drive off must having not have seen me up here. "What the hell are you doing up there!?" He calls worried. Then my parents open the front door my mother and father still yelling as my mother leaves the porch and goes to her car. Mark quickly gets out of the driveway and stands in my front yard looking back and forth between my screaming parents. He looks back up and me and his eyes were now sad and understanding. Once my mother pulled away and drove off my father noticed Mark's presence and apologized before letting him in the house where Mark rushed up to my room and crawled out the window to comfort and sit next to me.

Once I reach my porch I sigh because my parents are already fighting. I open the door and walk in silently. I head upstairs to my room and set my backpack on the ground by the door then go back downstairs and then to the finished basement to get my uniform as my parents continue to fight. I sigh because they didn't even notice me when I came back to the main floor and said goodbye with my uniform now in a bag at my side. I once again am just walking down the road listening to my music still as I walk to work. A small café not too far from home that allows me to wear my mask and is fine with me working alone, like I am today. Let's just hope today isn't as busy as last time but it most likely will be.

When I arrive at work I go to the backroom and quickly change putting my clothes, phone, and earbuds into my locker and then closing it up. I walk to the front door and switch the sign to 'Open' then go and stand behind the counter to wait.

  After a long while there was a few people with drinks and two people still ordering for now. I quickly write down their order and go make it without a mistake. I smile to myself and walk back to the counter and call their names. They walk up and take it saying thank you and going back to their table. I smile and look around at everyone then look at the door when a familiar bell dings. I am greeted with the sight of a tall boy who looks about my age with dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a light blue hoodie with a fist on it, faded blue jeans, green headphones around his neck, and light blue sneakers that match his hoodie. I have never seen him before.

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