My Story of Becoming a Stark (part 2)

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I'd like to say my life became easy-peasy after that. But it didn't.

First, there was my mother's funeral, to which my former father and I both attended.

It was awkward, to say the least.

I was accompanied by Pepper Potts, and we both attended wearing fancy black dresses provided to us by Tony Stark. At the time, I didn't quite understand why he didn't join us himself, but looking back on it, I see the consequences it would have created.

Not many people from that part of town knew Pepper Potts, so it was safe for her to accompany me without raising any alarms. Dave Williams, my former father, didn't know who she was either. I assume he just assumed she was from the adoption agency or something.

It wouldn't be safe for the world to know I was Tony Stark's daughter. So he personally hired the doctor that was working with me to be one of his personal medical caregivers, and he paid him not to tell anybody with a contract.

They read out my mother's will. My head was dizzy from all the crying, but what I remember was along the lines of:

My life's work and technology shall go to my daughter, (Y/n) Williams, for she is more capable than we all realize. She is destined for great things and she shall be a great success. Our family heirlooms from my side of the family shall go to her as well, along with all of my dresses and more elegant clothing, for the day when she shall mature enough to wear them.

They house shall fully go to my husband, Dave Williams, shall he still be alive and in good health at this point of my demise. He shall also receive my good china, and candles.

It is my wish that all my other clothes, excluding the ones saved for my daughter, shall be donated to a deserving charity, along with anything else I have failed to mention thus far, except under the circumstance that my family shall need it or money from the sale of the items in order to get by. Family is always my first priority.

I trust that my daughter will be well taken care of by her father, until she has reached the age where she can henceforth take care of herself. I trust that he will be fair, kind, and respectful towards her decisions, so long as it should not put her in any danger.

My love goes towards my family, and I hope you take your time to come with me,

Marie Macklin-Williams

The rest of the day passed quickly. Dave and I ignored each other. My mother's belongings were delivered. I went back to the place that would soon become my home.

We painted my new bedroom's walls a soft shade of watermelon pink, with white accents. I had a white work desk, which at the time was just basically used for coloring and such. I also had a marvelous bathroom and walk in closet, where all of my old clothes, along with the new ones Tony Stark bought me, went. My mother's belongings that were passed down to me were safely stored away in a secret safe in my room as well.

I may have lost both my parents, but things were starting to look up.


Getting used to living with Earth's mightiest heroes was a bit difficult, but they all warmed up to me quickly. Some of them had families of their own, so they would just come and go from time to time, but they all ended up becoming my family.

They were very entertaining, and they were also very entertained by my goofiness as well. Each of them took on certain roles in my family. Thor and Clint became my big brother figure./ They would tease me, and be goofy with me, and were super protective. Your Average big brothers. Bruce took on more of an Uncle figure. He was quieter, but also really in to science, like my dad and I so he was fun to hang around with. I got to know the Hulk as well, he was cool. Steve became as close as he could get to a mom-ish figure. He was the over protective one. Natasha became my awesome older sister figure. She was my hero. My dad was my idol. The Avengers were my family.

More Avengers came and went as the years went by. We suffered a few losses as well. But the world keeps spinning and the sun keeps rising, and as sad as it sounds, you learn to move on.

Civil War was probably one of the biggest family fights we've had. My father didn't let me be involved much, since I was pretty young at the time, (even though I'll always seem like that to him), but with the help of my father, I was able to come up with a compromise for the Sokovia Accords after a couple of years. (After Spider-Man Homecoming)

I got used to my new family and my new life style. Sure things were very different, and it wasn't easy, but we managed to pull it off so far. My new life style included some danger, like not only being a billionaire's daughter was bad enough, but also Iron Man's daughter. My father decided that the best decision would be to keep me a secret and have me home-schooled. The doctor that knew I was his daughter was personally hired to work with me, since more tests would be necessary throughout my life, and everyone who knew was paid to sign a contract to keep me a secret. No one knew what happened to my previous father, Dave Williams, but they figured he just assumed I was adopted by some other people. It took some getting used to, and it was a bit lonely, but I did regulate.

By the time I turned seven, I was fully adjusted, and I started to call Tony 'dad'.

I was proud to be a Stark.

(Just to be clear, she goes to live with Tony after Iron Man 2)

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