I woke up to the sound of my little sister's voice. I opened one eye and stared at her in the darkness. "What?" I asked her, this girl was unbelieveable, she woke me up in the middle of...the morning. It was 3:00 a.m. and everyone was suppose to be asleep.

"A moving Van Chel!" She exclaimed, I would have gotten mad at her for waking me up in the middle of the morning for something stupid as that, but I was curious. Why was someone moving in the middle of the night?

I got up on one arm on my bed and slowly rolled out of bed. My sister held me by the arm and pulled me down to the window. "Who was it?" I asked her. For the past three weeks she has been jumping up and down saying a famous person was coming to leave next to us, but she has yet to find out thier name. I didn't bother with her because, sometimes, she could act a little...insane.

"Chel, I told you a bunch of time, it's that Guy!" Wow, that explains alot.

"Which guy Abi?" For a twelve year old she was really dull on discriptions, not that I blamed her...let just say I hate compositions.

"Arg! i can't remember his name, Chel you believe me right?" She asked, she has been broadcasting the news ever since my parents found ot who was coming here. They weren't sure if it was true, but Abigail over heard them and she became the laughing stock in valencia...well to me.

"Yeah sure whatever!" The moving truck stopped infront of my neighbors house and a few people stepped out. There was the moving truck helpers... I have no idea what they were called. A lady a little girl and man...but due to my bad eyes, I just say there figures. I walked downstairs to the kitchen hopefully to get a better view. I tip toed my way down the stairs trying hard not to wake my parents....

"What are you two doing?" I jumped up in fright, my mother's voice rang in my ears. I turned my head towards the living room and I saw my mom and my dad on the couch with a mug in there hands.

"Jesus Christ Mother! health care is really expensive now adays!" I told her clutching my chest. She really did frighten me. "What are you doing down here?" I asked her looking at her suspiciously.

"Oh Nothing," She smiled "What are you two doing?"

"Oh Nothing..." I told her. "I'm gonna go get some umm...water," i pointed my thumbs towards the kitchen. I slowly backed up while facing her.

"Face it Chel, we are all excited...who is he?" She, squinshed her eyes. So she was up to watch the famous guy unpack!

"I don't know mother...do you know his name?" i asked her, hoping to get better information from her.

"All I know he's an actor, he acted in that movie...Umm what's it called...FireLight? No that's not it...moonlight..Uh Yeah that's it moonlight!"

"Moonlight?...I've never heard of it!" i'll have to go research that! I walked to the kitchen peering out of the kitchen window. I saw them, the figures taking things in the house. He must be really famous to be moving in the middle of the morning. I turned around hoping to find my sister at the back of me, but she wasn't, I looked onwards into the livingroom and there she was...curled up on my dad's lap. This child woke me up at 3:00 a.m. and to watch someone move in and here she was relaxing on the couch.

i walked over to my family's minigathering. i wanted answers! Better answers. "Don't none of you all have information that is relevant?" I ased them all.

"Chel I know who he is, but I can't remember his name!" Abigail shot up at me.

"Well what does he do?"

"His an actor, he acted in that werewolf vampire movie Chel, the one Melissa wanted you to go see!"

"Twilight?" i asked, remembering the day that Melissa dragged me down to the theatre to watch a movie that ended up being boring as Freak!

"Yeah that's it, well he plays the werewolf!" there was some benefits to the crappy movie.

"AHHH...Taylor Lautner!" I Huge Grin spread across my face, Taylor lautner, was the only reason why i watched the second and third movie...otherwise I wouldn't have spent my bloody money. Robert Pattison Crappy acting along side kristin stwetart's was painful to watch. It was a good story line, but Kristin Stwetart made it so...unbearable to watch.

I went online immediately after the movie was done to learn about my future man. Taylor Lautner.

"Yes!" My sister exclaimed jumping on top of my dad, landing directly on his manhood. My father groaned in pain. My sister immedately jumped of him and apologized.

"HAHAHA!" I busted out laughing, rolling on the floor.

"Not funny!" he glared at me. my mom just sat there, her mug to her lips and shook her head.


Lol....Funny story this going to be...I hope!

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