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Rainbow glanced down at the table unsure of what to say in this situation. Frowning Rainbow looked back to her who seemed to be staring at her the whole time "You won't tell him about this, right?" Rainbow spat out nervously. 

Rainbow's mom frowned slightly back at both girls. "Although i really do care about both of you, your dad will have to find out about your relationship sooner or later, of course, i won't be the one to tell him, you will do that when you feel the time is right" Rainbow's mom sighed and stood up from her chair as she was done with her breakfast.

 Rainbow knew that her sexuality and her relationship would bring disappointment to her dad. AJ saw the look of fright on Rainbow's face and grabbed her hand tightly under the table as a gesture to show that she's there for Rainbow.

AJ gave Rainbow a heartfelt smile when she glanced back at her "We'll get through this somehow" AJ whispered. Rainbow simply nodded back at her before getting up from her seat.

Rainbow's mom turned away from the kitchen sink "We'll be leaving this evening, Rainbow, please make sure you tell your dad about this. You can't hide it all your life" She said while wagging her finger at Rainbow in a scolding way. Rainbow couldn't determine whether her mother was happy for them or worried for them.

Rainbow nodded to her mother and went to her room dragging AJ along with her. Awkward silence filled the room as they sat on the bed. 

AJ knew how troubled Rainbow was at this moment, she placed her left hand on Rainbow's cheek and turned her head to face her "Look, I think that maybe we're more stressed about this than we should be. It's summer, try to relax for now" AJ said in a soothing tone.

Although Rainbow didn't give a vocal reply, AJ knew exactly what Rainbow wanted by looking at the fire in Rainbow's eyes. moving her fingertips down to Rainbow's lips she stared at them desperately.

Rainbow grinned "You're not very good at concealing your thoughts, Y'know" Rainbow pulled AJ into a passionate kiss driving AJ into a state of euphoria and ecstasy as she pushed AJ down onto the bed taking full control.

AJ broke the kiss just seconds later "What makes you think i'm trying to conceal them?" she said with a smirk on her face. Rainbow smirked back at her before kissing her again with the same amount of passion as before. Rainbow moved her hands and caressed AJ's stomach under her shirt making AJ moan into her mouth as she could soon feel Rainbow's hands reach the side of her breast.

AJ slapped Rainbow's ass causing Rainbow to pull away with wide eyes "oww, what the heck was that?" Rainbow questioned with a confused smile.

AJ laughed "you were getting to carried away. Don't forget, we're not alone here. We'll continue this when your parents leave" she said promisingly while nipping at Rainbow's lower lip to conclude their fooling around. Both of them leaving the room to join their parents.

Time Skip

It was now 6 pm and Rainbow's parents were packing the last of their remaining items to the back of the car. Rainbow and AJ helped with the last items. 

"well, guess we'll be on our way now" Rainbow's dad said. He hugged both of the girls and sat in the car along with Rainbow's mom. Rainbow and AJ waved as they drove off on the dirt path leading away from their Lake House.

AJ grabbed Rainbow's hand once Rainbow's parents were no where to be seen and pulled her in the direction of the beautiful field located near the lake house.

"Where are you pulling me to?" Rainbow asked as she let out a slight chuckle.

AJ grinned and turned to look at Rainbow "Well, like i said, it's summer. We should use this time wisely and do something together" AJ said cheerfully while carrying on dragging her across the landscape of nature.

"so we're basically going for a walk?" Rainbow questioned.

AJ simply nodded.

Time skip

It was getting darker and the breeze had become more dominant in the air, however, both girls enjoyed this sensation in summer. Both girls walked past trees without a desire to rush this. They took in the silence and held each others hands tightly.

AJ had been staring adoringly at Rainbow this whole time unaware that Rainbow knew about it.

"have i got something on my face?" Rainbow questioned while giving AJ quick glance.

AJ moved closer to Rainbow and moved her lips up to Rainbow's ear whispering something that surprised the other girl. Rainbow blushed and stared at AJ in awe. Rainbow had never heard AJ speak in such a way before, usually it would be Rainbow to say such indecent things with her cocky personality.

Rainbow was speechless for a little while. AJ smirked at her reaction as she moved her hands down the hem of Rainbow's lower clothing causing Rainbow to gasp in surprise.

(Next chapter will be mature xD stay tuned...)

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