Ghostly Meetings

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Just to start off, I am not a medium nor have I ever had a paranormal experience. I haven't even personally met a medium. I do watch Long Island Medium when I get the chance to and I read a lot of ghost books. I love this genre. This story will be based on information I have read about pertaining to what mediums can do and how the "other side" typically works. If you are a skeptic and think this whole topic is all a hoax, go ahead and believe what you will. But do not let me know in comments please. You have a right to your own opinion, as do I. This is a work of fiction.

Pertaining to this story being fiction, some things I put into this story may be very unrealistic and whatnot. Again, I am not a medium so I have limited knowledge on what they see and experience when communicating with spirits and the other side. My imagination has run away with me a little bit but I think that's okay since it's fiction. Take it how you will.

Another thing, I include a lot about the family of Nu'est that is not backed up by fact. The only fact would be the existence of siblings which has been confirmed by the members themselves. Any personal information on sisters or brothers or parents is all coming from my own imagination. Please keep that in mind.

Also, the opinions of some of the characters, namely some of the parents, can be stereotypical views that are found all over the world, not only in South Korea. I am not saying that any of Nu'est's parents have these views and I'm not saying that every Korean person has these views. There are only opinions that I have decided to put into here in order to carry my story. Pertaining to that, many of my own opinions have made their way into my portrayal of Aron and I may have gotten a little carried away when he defends his opinion. I tried to rein myself in but it only worked so much.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy. You can find the full one on, the other site I have posted this on.

Note: The cover photo is credited to Cripsy Fantasy. I thought the label looked odd on the title page so I painted over it. I don't want to use the photo without credit so I'm noting it here.

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My name is Aron Kwak and I am a psychic medium.

I can communicate with loved ones who have passed onto the other side. Any messages spirits may have for the living are passed through me; sometimes very persistently.

I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. Here people like me are very rarely believed in and so I try to stay as invisible as possible. Sometimes spirits are hard to ignore and I must reach out to a living loved one, skeptic or not.

It's been very different since I moved here permanently from Los Angeles, California three years ago. I left my two younger sisters back home with our only living, reachable relatives. Five years ago, my parents were killed in a car accident. They died on impact in a four car pile up on their way to my high school graduation. I travelled to Korea to be better connected to their memory and culture.

I have had a special connection to the other side for as long as I can remember. I recall talking with what my parents called "imaginary friends" when I was young but I now knew were spirits with messages for relatives who needed closure. Once my parents passed, I decided to try contacting other mediums and better develop my abilities. I enjoy helping people.

Since then, I've given strangers and friends last words and affirmation of their loved ones' peace. Spirits can step forward at the most random of times, often demanding to be heard. I've brought complete strangers to tears in mere minutes more times than I can count.

It's very odd life but I deal with it nonetheless. It could be worse. If it was my calling to be spiritual communicator for those who have passed into the other world, then that's what I'll do.

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