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Walking up the stairs that led to the place of his doom, the place he had hated, Alfie Allred wasn't feeling excited. He was nervous and scared plus he had half the mind to turn and run away. He can't though. He knows he can't. His father was counting on this and had been so happy when Alfie had finally told him he was going to the reunion. This school had been the same place he had found his first love, the six foot four boy with sparkling green eyes, the boy who had loved playing football and had actually made a career out of it. The boy who had broken his heart to tiny unmatchable pieces.

"Snap out of it!"

Alfie turns to his side to look at Arjun who had volunteered to follow him to this reunion. Alfie was dressed in a white shirt tucked into the dark blue pants and Chelsea boots. Arjun had on a black Armani suit with the Rolex watch, Alfie's father, Dan had given him. They actually look good.

"Thank you for coming with me."  Alfie says as they march up the stairs leading to the huge doors.

"Any time. I want to see if I can get to punch someone in the nose today." Arjun says, folding his hands into fist and punching the air. Alfie giggled at that, a hand coming up to cover his lips as if trying to muffle his laughter.

"You're not punching anyone today. We'll go in, I'll show my favourite places while I was here and then we go home. Capiche?"

"Fine but that is no fun!"

"How about we buy a couple of cookies and Ben and Jerry's before we go home? I'll watch Marvel's Inhumans if you just do as I said."

Arjun stops at that. He looked at Alfie with wide eyes that were sparkling with excitement. Arjun had been trying to get Alfie to watch the show for months no to no avail. Alfie had claimed that the special effects were terrible and that he wasn't a fan of Medusa's hair.

"I promise you. You will love it!"

"We go in, walk around and go home. Are we in agreement?" Alfie asked, raising a brow.

"This is why you are my best friend! Let's go and shake our booties!"

The halls were lined with soft pink banners with reunion!! Let's have a kiki! The hallway was still the same way it had been, the lockers were still the same. The reunion was taking place at the indoor basketball court that hadn't really been used while Alfie was in school. The lights were soft and dim, there were multiple round table covered with white cloth and a pink bow, artfully arranged all around and people were walking and talking. A waiter passed with a tray filled with tall glasses of something bubbly and Alfie grabs two and downed them in one go. If he was going to do this, walk around with the people who had made his life miserable, he was going to do this prepared.

"No more. You know how you get when you drink." Arjun warns, giving Alfie what the curly haired man liked to call his Dan look. It was the same Look Alfie's father, Dan, has whenever he was warning or having an argument with him. His thick brows furrow and then three worry lines appear just above it and he squints just a little.

Alfie doesn't drink much. He doesn't like the taste of beer, vodka or any other thing but when he does drink. It's nothing more than five glasses otherwise he gets sad. Yes, Alfie was sad touchy-feely drunk and that's the last thing he wants to do today. He doesn't want to give these...monsters, another thing to mock him about.

"No more. I'll just drink the chapman instead." Alfie said, pointing at the drink stand positioned towards the other side of the room. Fear creeps up his body when he realised he had to walk all the way to the other side to get a drink and that means, everyone would see him. Oh no, no, no, no. he'd rather stay where he was, partially hiding behind a pink fabric banner with the words reunion = party. His second option was to stay there while Arjun goes to get the drinks but that meant he would be all alone and he remembered what had happened to him the last time he was. So that was a big NO.

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