Quitting? (again?)

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So, here's the deal- I love this story, but it's not the same. This story has been going on since 2014. I prolonged it too long.

I used to get an average of 200 votes a chapter... Now I get barely 20...

So the question: Am I quitting?

The Answer: No. I'm continuing for the very few, amazing, people who've stood by all this time. However, I'm physically drained. My mental health is declining, my inspiration is there, but very tired and fading. So, as a writer who loves writing, I will continue. Although, it may not be exceptional, as the 20 votes have informed me. :/

I love this story, I love the Potterhead community, and I love writing, so this is not the end of the 'Potter's Sister,' journey.

I'm still patiently, waiting for the last chapter to hit 30 votes before uploading another, so if you have not already, I encourage you to go vote. :)

ALSO, THANK YOU! This book has hit over 4,000 VOTES! So thank you! :) To anyone who ever voted on anything! It means so much to me. You have no idea... :)

This story and the community that comes with it (the wonderful people in the comments) have really helped me get through dark periods of my life. Right now is an especially hard time, so reaching over 4K means so much... :)

Thank you, again, for everything.


El <3

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