Chapter 2

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Jungkook's P.O.V

You finished unpacking and decided to change clothes into something more comfortable, just as you finished pulling off your shirt the door opened and Taehyung came inside

Taehyung: Hey kitten let's go over some rules- oh well hi there...

You gasped and immediately grabbed your shirt trying to cover yourself

Jungkook: Can you knock first?!!!!!

Taehyung smirked and shrugged walking closer to you, you backed away from him until your back suddenly met the wall. He rested his arm next to your head trapping you in the corner of the room, you gulped looking up at him with wide eyes

Jungkook: W-What are y-you doing..?!

Taehyung leaned even closer to your face smirking

Taehyung: Just examining your face cutie.. you look like a.. hmmm.. hamster.. no wait.. a-

You relaxed amd giggled pushing him away still smiling

Jungkook: A hamster?

Taehyung hummed and then pointed at you as if he figured it out

Taehyung: A BUNNY! You look like a bunny!!!

You giggled even more and shook your head, you almost forgot about the whole upper body being exposed thing. Taehyung chuckled and clear his throat before the smirk returned to his face

Taehyung: So put on a shirt- or don't it's easier that way-

Taehyung winked and you hit his arm while covering yourself more in embarrassment

Jungkook: P-Perv!

Taehyung: Hahaha~ And come to the kitchen, we have rules to go through

You nodded and pushed him out of the door before quickly closing the door behind him, you sighed as you tried to calm down from the super embarrassing moment just now.

You quickly put on a black oversized shirt and went over to the kitchen where Taehyung was sitting while sipping some beer, you scrunched up your nose and sat down infront of him

Jungkook: Ew how could you drink that

Taehyung raised his eyebrow while looking down at you

Taehyung: Because it's good..? Come on you've tried this before right?

You shook your head frowning

Jungkook: Like I said ew. No and I'm not planning on tasting it either, it's bad for you.

Taehyung just chuckled as he took out a A4 paper with a bunch of text on

Taehyung: Jeez you're really just a innocent baby bunny.

You pouted and glared at him

Jungkook: I'm not a baby I'm 18!!

Taehyung: And I'm 19, besides you act like a baby

You rolled your eyes and looked out the kitchen window

Jungkook: So the rules?

Taehyung smirked and threw the paper towards you, you picked it up and read the rules out loud

Jungkook: 1. Don't take what's mine

2. Don't get cocky

3. Don't disobey these rules, there will be consequences.

4. Don't interfere in my hookups-

..Your what?

Taehyung smirked

Taehyung: When I bring someone here to fuck, don't interfere. Just get out and go do something outside.

Jungkook: You can't just kick me out like that just to get in bed with someone to hurt them!!!!! Oh and I live here to so-!

Taehyung: Rule number 2 & 3.

You groaned and kept reading the rules

Jungkook: 5. No falling in love, you will be kicked out

You laughed as you pointed at the last one

Jungkook: Is that even a rule, that will never happen. Why would I fall for a asshole player like you

Taehyung: We'll see about that, no one can resist me.

You made a tsk sound as you stood up

Jungkook: Well I can.

Taehyung rolled his eyes and grabbed his jacket

Taehyung: I'm going out clubbing, don't bother waiting.

Jungkook: Hmphm. Why would I.

You walked back into the room and plopped down on the bed sighing

Jungkook: Me? Fall for him? What a joke.. I would never fall for a mean cold hearted player like him..


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