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Dear... Maria

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Dear Ria,

first off I accidentally refreshed the page so now I have to rewrite this -.-

okay so chu one of my bestie friends c': ♥ I'm glad you sent that pm that day (: otherwise things wouldn't be as fun xD and we really need to learn not to argue so much :') but with me and you that's not possible xD and yeah I'm mean sometimes but so are you c: I cant believe our "yes" "no" argument we've had for like the past week is about that stupid movie xD I'm not giving up either ._. I wanna win at least once! D: and I'M NOT STEALING A HOBO FOR YOU. just no. it'll kill me >.> annnnd Liam is the hottest ;3 I'm not doing your dare either c:

you're amazing :') don't ever doubt that. you're beautiful and nice ^-^ you're gonna find someone someday (: you will ^-^ I'm always gonna be here for you if you ever need someone ♥ YOU'RE GORGEOUS. trust me, you'll turn a gay guy straight someday xD I'm sure you will :') if I can, you can c: and I'm glad you're my friend (: anyone would be lucky to call you their friend ^-^

of course I'll always be your little red, even when I do dye my hair another color xD

~Little Red ♥

p.s. I'm not doing your dare c:

p.p.s I was gonna put the picture I drew you on the side but nevermind xD

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