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Hello and Welcome to Big Brother WWE Edition where 20 superstars will go head-to-head for the chance of winning $500,000!

1) Every week (Monday) there will be a compete in challenges to win Head of Household Challenge (HOH) for those who don't know what that is, it is when the winner of each challenge gets to nominate two people to put up for eviction.

2) Two days later (Wednesday) there will be another challenge where the two people put up for eviction, 3 random houseguests and the HOH compete in the Power Of Veto, if you don't know what that is, it is when you compete for the chance of saving a player from eviction but there is a catch, you can save yourself from next weeks eviction or discard it and continue on as normal.

3) On Friday, every player votes for one person to leave the house, if it is a tie, the winner of the Power of Veto challenge and HOH choose who to send home.

4) During the weekends the guests have the time to relax and have their fun but Monday is a new challenge.

5) The HOH won last weeks Head Of Household Challenge can not compete in the next Head of Household Challenge.

6) Every Sunday a care package will arrive to a random guest containing a mystery prize that could help them later on in the game.

They are the main rules of the game. No one entering the house knows each other so they are meeting complete strangers.
Alliances can be formed.
Enemies can be made.
But every guest has one thing in common and that is winning the prize of $500,000.

Good luck to all and enjoy.

HOH- Head of Household.
POV- Power of Veto.
IR/CR- Interview room/Camera room, that is everyone's take on something.

Host of Show: Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon.

Cast revealed in next chapter.
Updates every Monday & Friday.

Authors note
So excited for this! I really got the inspiration for reading books like this so I said why not! Lemme try it out!
So enjoy!
P.S. The WWE Superstars are not! I repeat, Not! Wrestlers just normal everyday people :). If anyone feels as if I am copying anyone please do feel free to dm me on Wattpad of you can or on Instagram at the_shield_xox.

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