Guns n' daggers

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Chara ran through the old capital until she saw Napstablook, waiting for her. 

-Where is he?-

She asked, panting. Napstablook turned around a building, Chara followed. They ran to a less known to Chara area, that wasn't used by anyone except for small, less mentally developed monsters that preferred loneliness and darkness. This area was called "The Ruins", and Chara with Asriel would only sometimes pass by it. It was the ghost town of the old capital, but even Napstablook, a ghost, didn't like being there.

Chara stopped as she heard a shot hit a wall and clung to a wall.

-Napstablook, do you see him?-

She whispered. Another shot sounded.

-You demon!-

Sounded a voice, lower than Cameron's, but still not developed fully, right near where Chara was standing. The shot, however, went through Napstablook.


Chara sighed as she crouched to grab the knife from her shoe. As she crouched, another shot sounded right above her head, moving her hair. She slowly turned her head to see a pair of dark-brown boots. Slowly looking up, Chara saw the entire tall, strong figure of Alexander-the only thing that at first seemed ridiculous was a cowboy hat he had, but it fit so well the brown and yellow clothes he wore, that she lost any desire to joke. Mostly when she realized that he was pointing a gun at her.

-Demon! You sent your beasts to kill him!-

He growled. Chara blinked confusedly, after all, she was as human as him, why was him... Oh, right. The red eyes. But as she squinted, she realized that his eyes were yellow like lemons. And Cameron had orange eyes. Didn't he consider it weird? Maybe he was color blind and only considered red? Why was she having all those thoughts when she's about to be gunned down?!

-No, he's alive. If you're talking about Cameron, he's alive!-

She mumbled, slowly pulling out the knife and hiding it in her sleeve.

-How do you know his name, demon?! What have you done to my brother?!-

The gun clicked.

-Alexander, calm down, I'm not going to hurt you if you don't hurt me...-

She rose her hands, slowly standing up. He didn't leave the gun pointed from her head. For a teenager, he was surprisingly serious and muscled. His hand holding the gun was so stoic, almost as if it was made of stone.

-How do you know my name, demon?! Oh right, your satanic followers! They'll pay! You'll pay!-

He was a moment from pulling the trigger when Napstablook electrocuted his hand with his electric tears, thus the shot flew right above Chara, who jumped back and pulled out the knife.

-You won't hurt anyone!-

She shouted. Wrathful, Alexander grabbed his second gun from his brown belt. Chara, even though she kept the determined look on, felt her heart drop for the second time today. How many bullets did he have? What guns those even were? Why is she thinking again instead of doing something?! 

Wrathful, Alexander sent a bullet at Chara, aiming precisely. She quickly dodged, but she wasn't as quick as a bullet, and it hit her shoulder. She barely felt it-her adrenaline was so high right now that she didn't feel anything. While Alexander was aiming again, she dived to his feet and tried to cut through his boot. Damn, it was so damn hard and she wasn't strong enough! Probably it had many protective layers. Alexander aimed at her and she rolled away quickly. He turned around and shot, she ducked and he missed. She just hoped he didn't have many bullets. Napstablook passed in front of him and Alexander's first reaction was to waste another bullet on them. Chara used this moment and ran up to him, cutting his leg. He stumbled away, but the wound wasn't too deep. He kept standing and pointed both guns at Chara, shooting. She ducked and rolled and jumped around. Some shots passed so close to her that her heart stopped for a moment. Napstablook electrocuted him few more times, until he shortly had his hands paralyzed. Chara used it and ran up to him again. As he regained the movement in one hand, he meant to shoot at her forehead, but she cut half of the gun off. Alexander was shocked, but as he regained his awareness he shot with the second gun and hit Chara's leg. She dropped to one knee and held the wound, now feeling it and the wound in the shoulder. But, being close enough to him now, she cut his leg again, this time deeper than before. Blood sprayed out of the wound. Most people would be disgusted, but Chara was at least thrilled to see human blood. Alexander dropped right in front of her. Frowning and stiffing his teeth, he lifted the gun again, aiming.

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