rules + payment

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here are a few rules to note before requesting;

1. please do not repost my graphics anywhere else without my permission . if you would like to, PM me first.

2. do the payment after you are accepted, not before. in case you are semi-accepted, please wait before i can tell you whether or not i can do your cover.

3. the story does not have to be posted if you would like to request.

4. write your favorite tv show/movie in the 'anything else' section of the form. this is to let me know if you've read the rules.

5. please be honest when telling me if you will be using the cover, i don't mind if you don't want to use it so don't be afraid to tell me so!

6. credit in the description of your story is a requirement if you use my cover.

7. be patient as i'm making your request. if it has been a week since you've requested you may ask for an update (but i usually put one up beforehand if anything happens).

8. last but not least, be nice! a bad attitude won't encourage me to make your cover.


- simply a permanent follow on this account (acethetics)

- vips are my friends, and the people i follow (+ some other people i look up to but forgot to follow haha).

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