Ms Williams who has been watching our exchange, finally snapped into reality when Theo entered the living room.

"Alpha." She greeted him, bowing her head to him. "It's a pleasure to have to here, what can I do for you?"


I've heard people say that word countless times for years, yet when she said it, I felt a a burst of indescribable energy ripple within me. I suddenly felt a burning need to answer her.

That burning need, actually started to feel like I was burning inside. Like there was a fire in me that I couldn't put out. My chest suddenly started to tighten, making me hiss in pain.

Ms Williams and Theo glanced at me in surprise. I shook my head at them and put a hand out to reassure them that I was fine.

My chest started to tighten again; this time it was so unbearable, I started to wheeze. Grey dots started to appear in my vision, as I struggled to breathe. My hands became fists, shaking from the pain in my chest.

Ms Williams rushed to my side, frantically asking if I was okay. I opened my mouth to answer her, but ended up fighting for air. Panic surged through me, what the hell was happening to me?

My wheezing worsened and my knees started to give out, making me lean against her for support.

"Elisia?" His deep voice laced with confusion.

I used what strength I had to look up at Theo. He kept shifting towards and then away from me, like he couldn't decide to help me or not.

He must really hate me, if he was contemplating on helping me. I literally can't breathe, and he's having second thoughts. Wow.

The grey dots in my vision seemed to get bigger and more hazy, making me close my eyes. The heaviness of my eyelids kept my eyes closed.

Ms Williams became even more hysterical, begging me to keep my eyes open.

"Alpha! Do something!" She snapped at Theo. So the lady has guts after all, I thought to myself.

Alpha. That word alone got my chest to tighten hard, making me scream in agony. Uncontrollable tears started to stream from my eyes from the pain.

I tried to open my eyes, only to close them again. I tried to take a step back, trying to get ahold of myself. Without the support of Ms Williams, my knees completely gave out and I started to fall towards to the floor.

Bracing for impact, I put my arms in front of me.

A strong warm arm wrapped around my waist in an instant, pulling me away from the ground and held me up.

Knowing who it was, I kept my eyes tightly closed. Ugh, I don't know where this pain came from.

"What's wrong with her, Alpha?"

The trigger word had my lungs feel like they were on fire, making me cry uncontrollably. I couldn't even get a word out. I was so scared.

Theo held me upright, trying to look into my eyes.

"Listen, do you have a health condition I don't know about?"

I stared back at him, tears pooling in my eyes. He was asking me questions like I could answer.

"Just shake or nod your head."

I shook my head frantically. I don't know what the hell is happening to me.

My chest tightened and burned, making me momentarily lose consciousness due to the pain. My pain tolerance was usually very high, but I couldn't get through a second without sobbing in agony. I started to shiver, feeling my body ripple with pain.

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