Chapter 7

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Ok. I am standing in front of a beautiful mansion's front door. I really can't believe there was such a place in this city. The mansion is in a vast area and is surrounded by trees and gardens. The place is so elegant and beautiful that one can get lost in this scenery.

But, this guy is keeping his distance and standing so far away from me as if I have some kind of communicable disease. I don't mean that I want to be close to him but it's so rude!!

He opened the door and looked at me.

"Let's go inside. Zack must be waiting for you." he said to me and entered inside.
I followed him into his living room.

"Zack..." Jayden said and I peeked from behind him and saw Zack sitting on the couch crying. He rubbed his eyes looking at Jayden.

Oh no! He is crying!!! That face that should only have a smile is crying and it hurts to see him like that.

"Zack..." I called to him and he looked at me.
"Mommy!!!" He called out to me. A tear slipped from my eyes.
I ran towards him and hugged him tightly.
"Mommy!!" He said and smiled.
"Zack!!" I said to him and smiled.
He hugged me again. I sat down on the couch with Zack in my lap.

"Madam!!" someone said and I looked at a middle-aged woman, maybe in her forties. She was looking at me shocked.
"Sally!! Just because I brought her here doesn't mean that you have to call her madam. She is Zack's nanny."Jayden said. It seemed like he was warning her or something.
"Hello! I am Julia!"I said to her.
"Umm...I am Sally." she said still shocked for some reason.
"She is the head maid." Jayden said to me and I nodded.
"Sally, did Zack eat something?" I asked her.
"He ate half toast and few sips of milk." she said worriedly.
"What??!! He didn't eat anything after I went out!!! Is this why..." he was saying when I interrupted him before he can say something rude to her.
"Sally, can you please bring something for Zack. He must be hungry."
She looked at Jayden who didn't say anything and nodded her head.
She went inside.

Zack looked at me again and smiled happily. He looks so cute when he smiles.
"Daddy!!"He said looking at Jayden and spread out his arms to say that he wants him to hold him.
Jayden walked towards us and took Zack into his arms, making sure to keep his distance from me. I think I should start ignoring him and his actions to live a stress-free and happy life.
"Thank you, Daddy!!! Zack loves Daddy!!!!" Zack said and kissed his dad's cheek.
"Daddy loves Zack the most!!!" He said kissing his cheeks and smiled. So, he can say such cute things!!
My heart skipped a beat looking at them.
I never knew Jayden can show such an expression. I thought he only knows how to frown but his smile...if only he can smile like this forever...

"Here." Sally said and I looked at her.
"Thank you."I said smiling nervously taking the bowl from her.
"Zack, come here. Let's eat."I said to him and Jayden put him down. He came running towards me and sat on my lap.

"Zack's tummy is full!!" Zack said after eating.
"Zack is such a good boy!!"I said and kissed his cheek.
He laughed.
"Zack loves mommy the most!!!" He said kissing my cheeks.
"Mommy loves Zack the most!!" I said hugging him.
I looked at Jayden who looked kind of sad. Maybe he feels hurt that his son is calling someone else mommy.
"Umm...Zack... I am Julia so you can call me Julia."I said in a really friendly way.
"NO!!! MOMMY!!!" He said and hugged me again.
"He is just a kid so it's better not to force him to do anything that he doesn't want to." Jayden said and I just nodded agreeing with him.

"Oh...he slept." Sally whispered.
I looked at Zack's face and saw that he really slept.
"He must be tired from all that crying." She said with a sad look on her face.
"Where is his room? I will put him on his bed."I said.
"I will carry him." Jayden said and took Zack in his arms.
He took him to the first floor with me and Sally tagging behind.
Sally opened the door of a room. We all went inside.
I looked around the room. It's such a beautiful nursery!!! Wow!!!
I looked at Jayden who placed Zack in his crib. Zack looks so peaceful while sleeping.
Jayden touched Zack's head smiling at him lovingly. A person who can show such an expression can never be heartless.
"What?" He said to me.
Oops!!! I was staring again!!
I shook my head looking down.
"Here. Keep this with you so that you can hear when Zack wakes up." He said giving me a sound device.

We came out of Zack's nursery and closed the door behind us.
"Julia, this is Zack's nursery. That one on the right side is your room. Your luggage is already placed in your room. That room on the left is my room. My room and gallery room is off limits so don't enter it even by mistake." He instructed me.
So, Zack's nursery is between mine and Jayden's room. It's a good thing that Zack's room is nearby mine. I can take care of him easily.
"Sally, I am going to my office, show Julia around the house." He said to Sally and she nodded her head.
Then he whispered something to her making sure that I cannot hear them. I just heard the word hate, gossip, and warning. What is he saying to her?
"Take good care of Zack." He said to me.
"Don't worry about him." I replied with a smile.
He just ignored me and went away.
Rudeness overloaded!!!!!

"Was he always like this?"I asked Sally.
"Like what?" She asked me confused.
"Always angry kind of a guy."I said trying to be more specific yet not saying the actual words that I have in my mind.
"He has always lived alone as master and missus was always busy with work so he turned into a difficult person. I have raised him since he was a kid. He changed and became a kind person after meeting madam but after her death, he became his old self again. Now, he just lives for Zack." She said looking sad.
"How was Zack's mom?" I asked her curiously. She is the person who changed this stone hearted to kind-hearted person. She must be amazing!!
"She was the kindest and lively person. Her heart was so warm and her smile the prettiest. She could make anyone's mood happy just by her one smile. She was a daughter to me." She said smiling wiping a tear from her cheek.
"You must be thinking why I called her Madam, right? That's because taking her name hurts, I really..." She was saying then suddenly put her palm on her mouth.
I looked at her confused.
"Let's go, I will give you a tour of this house."She said and started walking.
I just followed her.
She loves both Jayden and Zack and his mom and got carried away while talking about them. But, why did she stop talking all of a sudden? I wanted to know more. Maybe, I can ask her some other time.

I don't know why but seeing Zack smile made my heart fill with happiness and seeing Jayden smile...I don't know what these strange feelings are, maybe shock, I never thought that he can smile like that so it must be shocked. He must have really loved his wife and she must be a really great person to be able to change him.
I wonder how my life is gonna change but I am sure of one thing, I am really looking forward to seeing Jayden's real personality.

Julia is now in the mansion!!! What is in store for her!!! 😉 Keep reading the story to find out!!!😉

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