5. Mountain Hikes, Healthy Lunch and Soulmates?

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A week had passed since Luke had became my personal trainer. Our sessions continued to be formal and business like, neither of us bothering to learn anything more about the others personal life.

"Do we really need to do this today? It's cold." I groaned, rolling my eyes as I hopped out of Luke's car, ready to go on the hike that he had prepared for our Tuesday session.

"Yes. It's good to exercise outside once in a while, it's refreshing." He began his trek along the route designed for exactly what we were doing today. He didn't bother waiting on me, if anything I'd believe that his pace had quickened.

I wandered aimlessly behind him, not bothering to try and keep up with him as I would much rather go at my own pace than keep up with Mr. Long Limbs and grow tired quicker.

"Skylar come on!" Like groaned. He was already half way up the first small hill whilst I remained at the bottom.

"I'm taking my time." I huffed, rolling my eyes at his persistence.

"The faster you walk the quicker we can go and get lunch." He tried to bribe me. I'm not sure how he knew my weakness was food, but nevertheless I rushed up the small hill to walk beside him.

"I didn't know we were going for lunch?" I replied, slightly shocked that Luke was willing to do something other than exercise with me.

"It's a reward for your first week. Keep in mind it'll be somewhere healthy, but the foods still good." He stared down at his feet as we continued our hike in silence.

I was used to being with Luke now in silence, it was more comfortable now. My mind wandered back to the first few days where I felt so unbelievably awkward and wanted the ground to swallow me up, but now it was a nice type of silence.

Once we had reached the top of the mountain, I stood close to the edge admiring the view from above. I had to admit, it was nice to leave the house and exercise outside, it was calming and relaxing.

I heard Luke laugh in excitement. Confused I looked over my shoulder, to see Luke excitedly petting a golden retriever dog. I had never seen Luke so genuinely happy in the short period of time I had known him. It was strange. 

"Aren't you a good boy." He spoke, a wide grin on his face. I couldn't help but giggle at his sudden childish outburst.

"Come here Skylar and meet Rover!" Luke called over to me. I quickly walked over, bending down on my honkers to greet the dog.

"Aren't you a gorgeous boy." I spoke in a strange voice which I put on to speak to all dogs.

"Thanks." I rolled my eyes as I could practically hear the smirk in Luke's voice.

"I was talking to Buddy, you're gross." I stuck my tongue out at him.

Saying goodbye to the kind owner who was more than happy for us to pet his dog, we continued our way back down the trail.

My spirits were lifted now as I knew that we would be going for food soon. It was my ultimate weakness. The quickest cure to all of my foul moods was food, however most of my moods are created due to the my lack of food. 

Once we arrived at the small restaurant which had very few people in it (most likely due to the fact that the menu had a lack of good food), I trusted Luke to order me something. 

The waiter appeared with our dishes, Luke had order himself poached egg with avocado on toast, and he had ordered for myself a chicken sandwich, which reminded me a lot of subway. 

"This isn't too bad." I raised my eyebrows and I took another bite of my sandwich. 

"See, I told you it wouldn't be that bad, you have to have a little more faith in me." 

"I do have faith in you. I simply think that we have different likes and dislikes, meaning that I had the right to fear what you would have chosen for me to eat." I simply stated. It was true, I believed that Luke and I had very different tastes and opinions. 

"Well, you know what they say, opposites attract." He had slight smirk on his face before he took a sip of his water.

"Or they can clash." I shrugged in reply, I believed that you needed to have similar qualities with a person or else you would realistically not get on well together. 

"Do you believe in soulmates?" he asked. I was taken aback by his sudden question. Luke had taken no interest in my personal life and now he was asking me deep and meaningful questions?  He was very hard to keep up with. 

"Uh, yeah I do. I believe that one day you will find someone that you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with, it will show you why your past relationships did not work out. They would give you so much joy and happiness, and yet even when you have your problems, you will always find a way to fix them." Luke stared at me for a while, perhaps reflecting on my answer. 

"No. I don't. I believe in soulmates, yes. But I don't believe that they will always be the person you end up loving for the rest of your life. I believe that you can build a relationship through trust, communication, appreciating every part of them including their flaws, and as long as you focus on your future and forget the past and give each other unconditional love, you would never need to find your soulmate." he stated, crossing his arms and looking quite proud of his answer. 

"You seem quite certain of that," I replied, wondering if I should push it a little further and pry even more, "and I take it you have already found that?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows in curiosity. 

He chuckled slightly to himself before shaking his head, "No, I have not found that. My love life is as non-existent as your biceps." He smirked. 

"Hmm, and my love life is just as exciting as your personality." I sarcastically replied, a proud smile on my face as I felt as through I had one on him. 

"Ouch, I have to admit, that one took me by surprise." He smiled, I stared  at him. Was it possible for someone to be this humanly attractive?

"Get to know me more Mr Hemmings and you'll soon find out I'm more than just a pretty face with shit biceps." I winked at him, speaking in a playful tone. 


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