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Hannah and I spent the next day showing Niall around Minneapolis. We went to the Walker Art Museum's sculpture garden for lunch and had a nice picnic by the Cherry and Spoon. Niall wasn't recognized by anyone and we played a bit of frisbee before taking him to the Mall of America for the afternoon. 

"There's a theme park?" He gasped, looking at the roller coaster. "What kind of mall is this?"

"The biggest one in the country," Hannah laughed. "Want to go on some ride with me?"

He nodded and they ran off to get tickets. I plopped on a bench, choosing not to go with them since I had been feeling queasy all morning. I pulled out my British phone and smiled to see a text from Zayn.

Zayn Malik: Miss you babe 

Gemma Carlisle: Good thing you have bbm or else I'd be in trouble for international texting. Miss you too!

Zayn Malik: Come home early?

Gemma Carlisle: This is my home you goon...

Zayn Malik: Home is where the heart is. And I'm here so... ;)

Gemma Carlisle: Getting cocky, Malik. And you should come here! My family want to meet you!

Zayn Malik: Bradford bad boy! And careful there, Gem. Don't give invitations that you don't want accepted. 

Gemma Carlisle: I want you to come!

Zayn Malik: Done. I'm looking at flights now.

Gemma Carlisle: Really?????

Zayn Malik: If you're serious, then I'm serious. 

Gemma Carlisle: Send me the info and I'll get you at the airport. So happy right now baby :)

"What are you so smiley about?" Niall asked suspiciously as him and Hannah sat beside me.

"You're wet. Water ride?" I asked, looking at his soaked clothes.

"Of course! They're the most fun!" He said. "You didn't answer my question."

"He's coming to meet my family," I sighed happily, tucking the blackberry back in my purse.

"What?" Hannah screeched, snapping to her feet. "Zayn is coming here? Oh my god!"

"Calm down Hannah," Niall said, pulling her onto his lap. 

She giggled and settled in. "He's seriously coming here though? Two members of One Direction are coming to stay in my house. Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming."

Niall pinched her arm gently and stuck her tongue out at him. "You said to pinch you," he smirked. I snapped a picture of the two of them and posted it to Twitter

PreciousGemma123: I'm pretty much the coolest sister ever. Spending the day with @hannahbananasss and @NiallOfficial #dreamteam

We took Niall to an I Love Minnesota shop where he bought a cheesy t-shirt and a post card to send to his brother. We popped in and out of a few shops and Niall bought a couple hoodies from Abercrombie and a pretty necklace for Hannah from J Crew. 

"He's so sweet!" She gushed as Niall went into the bathroom before our car ride home. 

"I know. He's the best. Well, second- best. I've got the best," I crooned. 

Hannah rolled her eyes. "You are disgustingly in love."

"And you're just jealous!" I chimed. 

"Shall we be off then?" Niall asked. A group of girls approached him and asked for a picture which he gladly gave them. He even planted a sloppy kiss on one of their cheeks. Hannah sighed with envy. Once the girls left Niall turned to her and planted on her cheek as well. "If you want a kiss from me, all you have to do is ask."

"Please. I don't ask for kisses, I get asked to give them," she smirked. She flounced towards the exit and Niall stared after her.

"You should close your mouth or your getting to catch flies in there," I giggled. 

"How old is she?" He asked as we followed her.

"She turned seventeen a couple weeks ago."

"Good to know," he said, eyes twinkling. 

Zayn Malik: I'm coming on Friday

Gemma Carlisle: I'm counting the days!

"You're leaving on Thursday right?" I asked as I put the car in gear to go home.

"Yup. Going to visit my aunt in Boston for the rest of the break," he confirmed from the back.

"Perfect! Zayn is coming in on Friday so you two won't have to share a room!" I smiled.

Twenty minutes later we were at home and were greeted by the scent of Sophie's cooking. Niall was practically drooling, though I couldn't entirely sure whether it was because of the food or my sister's announcement that she was taking a shower. Niall went to his room to call his aunt to confirm his flight plans for Thursday and I wandered into the kitchen to help Sophie.

"Niall seems like a sweet boy," she commented as I set the table.

"He is," I agreed. "He's been so great while we've been on the road. He's helped me deal with all the craziness that comes with the job."

"Hannah mentioned that you were dating one of the boys," Sophie said, motioning for me to sit with her while the chicken finished in the oven. "How's that going?"

I grinned goofily. "Really, really well. He's pretty much the best boyfriend ever. And now that we don't have to hide our relationship anymore I can't imagine things getting anything but better."

"So you two are pretty serious then?" She leaned forward, resting her face on her hands.

I nodded. "I know I'm too young to think like this, but it really feels like he could be the one."

"I'm glad you're happy," Sophie smiled. "And you two are being safe right?"

I blushed and looked at my lap. "Don't worry. I've been on the pill since I was sixteen."

"Good! When do we get to meet him?" She asked.

"I think he might come in on Friday! Niall will be gone so he can take the guest room and then he and I will fly back to London together next Tuesday," I said. As she hollered for everyone to come down for dinner, I smiled to myself, thinking about how in five days time I'd be sitting here with Zayn.

Sorry guys I know this chapter was really awful, but I wanted to get Niall and Hannah closer together.  Next chapter will definitely have some drama! Get excited!

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