Home is where the heart is, part 20

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Jacs pov:
I went to my office and sat in my chair. I felt important, needed, in my element.
I cracked my fingers and set to work on my paperwork.
A familiar Knock sounded at my door. Fletch.
I smiled and said nothing, knowing he'd come in anyway.
"Hello ms Naylor."he grinned widely.
"Mr Fletcher."I smirked, as he sat across from me.
"I'm on break." He said.
"I have surgery in 10." I said, getting up to scrub in.
"Can I assist?"he smiled.
I nodded and smiled, tying my long, red hair into a bun.
"Common then." He said, ushering me our my office.
I walked to theatre and scrubbed in, taking every opportunity to catch a look at Fletch.
Suddenly, without a word, Petrenko walked in. She scrubbed in silently. No makeup, heavy bags under her eyes; she looked tired.
"Frieda, what's wrong with you?" I snarled harshly.
"Nothing ms Naylor."She said, not even arguing today.
She hesitated, trying to fight back a yawn. She couldn't. My brow furrowed furiously. She could put a patient in danger if she was in theatre this tired.
"Get out." I snapped. Her eyes widened.
"What?" She asked, shocked.
"GET OUT."I said louder, pointing to the door.
"Miss Naylor.." she began.
"I am not having you risk the lives of one of my patients because you were too lazy to take yourself to bed last night Miss Petrenko. Get out my theatre."I growled.
She stepped back and walked to the door.
"Very well miss Naylor." She said, exiting the room without another word.
I nodded to myself and put on my face mask and gloves.
"Right team, are we ready for me?"I asked. They nodded and I took my place at the operating table.
"Bit harsh wasn't it Jac?"Fletch said, a raised eyebrow.
"I'm not having my patient at risk." I muttered, beginning surgery.
Fletch nodded.
"I respect your authority." He smiled.
I smiled under my face mask.
My authority? He RESPECTED me?
I smiled wider.
I finished both my surgery's and headed to Albies. As I entered, I saw no sight of Fletch or zosia or Dom.
"What the?" I mumbled to myself.
"Hey cheekbones."Sacha smiled.
"Oh hey Sacha." I smiled widely.
"Who you meeting?"he asked, looking around.
"Fletch and Zosia are supposed to be here but their not." I sighed impatiently.
Sacha nodded and sat down, offering me a seat.
I sat and pulled out my phone.
"Nothing..." i sighed, turning my phone off silent.
"I can drop you home?" He asked.
"No I'll walk. It's not far." I said, getting up.
"See you tomorrow Jac."he smiled.
"Bye Sacha."I grinned and left Albies.
It was dark at this point. I pulled out my phone and rung Fletch.
No answer.
Phone off.
I didn't even try Dom as I knew his phone was smashed.
I walked in the dark, rain starting to come down heavily.
My bright red hair stuck to my face. I shivered, wondering what to do.
Suddenly, a hooded figure come up to me. I couldn't see him properly. As he got closer, I could see he was wearing a mask...
"Fletch..." I asked, fear in my voice.
The man took the mask off. It was Fletch.
"I was gonna scare you. I knew you'd come looking for me."he laughed.
I slapped his arm, my heart was racing.
"Idiot." I rolled my eyes, rain falling on both of us.
"I needed to talk to you alone... zosia went home, but I needed her to ask you to come here because I knew if I asked you to come you'd question it." He explained. He placed his hands on my waist.
"So what do you want to talk about."I asked impatiently, smiling up at him in the dark.
He removed his hands and fell to one knee.
I gasped.
He removed a box from his pocket...
"Jacqueline Naylor, will you marry me?"

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